Notes from City Hall
What a week we had last week!   As they say, time marches on!  The week begins with the funeral of our former Mayor Dawn Huntley.   Dawn will be remembered for a lot of things here in the community, but what I’ll remember him most for is the solving of the City’s water problems.  This was an age old problem and one that seemed like there would never be a permanent solution to.  Many holes have been drilled in the earth over the years but none as successful as the Well 5 hole.  Coupled with the replacement of leaky lines and the addition of a reservoir, the water system will serve us well for years to come.  I am grateful to Dawn for his tenaciousness and dedication to a solution to this problem.  I would never have been able to achieve this task due to the tremendous amount of time it took to put these projects together and manage them to a successful conclusion.  Thank you, Dawn for making my life better and securing the future of Cottonwood.
Later in the week marked the retirement of a 32 year veteran of the City Maintenance Department.  Dave Shears Sr. finally had enough and as we speak is undergoing knee replacement surgery.  Dave started working for the City in 1973 and has been a permanent fixture ever since.  The challenges of potentially having a new boss every 4 years coupled with the diversity of duties associated with this job make it a necessarily demanding position.  Too many people to try to keep happy!  Through it all, Dave’s dedication to the City and his duties were exemplary and much appreciated.  Good luck in your retirement and take a life jacket with you on that boat!
And to finish the week up, Fred Seubert of Gem Builders decided to hang it up.  Fred has been an icon in town for years in the building supply business and has helped many do it yourself projects come to a successful completion.   I remember him helping me build a desk for a Boy Scout project years ago that still serves as the City Attorney’s desk in the Council Chambers.  Thank you, Fred, for your dedication and service to the community in so many of the projects you have been involved with over the years.  
Common with all three of the individuals in this article is their sense of volunteerism in the community and their sense of helping where they could to make our community a better place to live.  Thank you all!
Thank you also to all who helped out with the Community Cleanup last week.  I think we are regaining a sense of pride in our community that has ebbed a bit over the last few years.  The town looks great and we are ready to move forward.
Denis B. Duman, Mayor

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522



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