Summit tops Academic League
In a battle with Grangeville High School allyear, Summit Academy mixed an unexpected performance last Monday evening with a bit of Grangeville misfortune, to roar past the Bulldogs and finish the year alone atop the Central Idaho Academic League.Summit's league championship knowledge bowl team.
Unexpected, because Summit's second experienced team of Shane Wemhoff and Elaine Rehder, seniors, joined by juniors Maria Osborne and Kelli Shears, with sophomore Amber Nuxoll and frosh Zach Frei, suffered three consecutive 50 point losses on venture questions, each time throwing them far back in the pack, and finishing 13th in the pack of 20 teams competing, their 65 final total leaving thern univolved in the final outcome.
Unexpected also, because Summit's first team, with Dylan Greene, senior, and juniors Jeannie Goeckner, Brandon Rehder, Stephen Spencer and Lauren Wemhoff not only were missing one member of the normal six-person team, but they too lost out on the final venture question, dropping six points to finish second to Highland, whose 6-point successful wager at the end left them at 251 for the evening compared to Summit's best at 244.
But even more unexpected was the performance of Summit's third young team, who betting very conservatively on the ventures, and losing only 1 point on the final one, finished seventh for the night with their total score of 129, which when added to the 244 of their partners, gave Summit first place for the evening. This team was all sophomores, Emily Rehder, Alexa Prigge, Mary Wimer, and Cori Wemhoff, assisted by frosh Lynn Rehder, but also missing one teammate, was surprised at the end to see their seventh place finish.
Finally, involved in the unexpected for the night was the fact that Grangevile was missing a few key contestants for the evening, and had a horrible last round venture experience, with three of their best teams dropping 50 points each, causing their school score to drop into fourth place, only the second time of the season their school had finished that low on a given evening. CV and Highland, betting very conservatively on the ventures, finished second and third behind Summit, giving the four schools the 10, 9, 8, and 7 points assigned to each for their respective finishes.
Ironically, Summit was also missing two of their best contestants, Mark and Jacob Uhlenkott, out of town for a family wedding, but the ten to seven point margin for the evening was just enough to vault Summit into first place for the year with 71 total points to Grangeville's 70. CV finished third with 59, and the remaining five schools in the league closed out the standings.
A recap of the evening shows that Summit and Grangeville exchanged first place finishes in seven of the eight niatches, with Summit taking four contests and Grangeville three. The only other school to win an evening was Prairie of Cottonwood in the fourth match of the year.

Summit fields first-ever track team
Seven of Summit Academy's student body set another first this year, competing in several of the area track meets to introduce track to the school's student body.
Summit's first ever track team.Seniors Dylan Greene and Shane Wemhoff with junior Jacob Uhlenkott kick started the boys team, with several second and third place finishes at their meets, with Greene actually finishing first a time or two in the long jump and high jump competitions. At several of the meets, Greene finished in the top three of all events entered, racking up an occasional 30 plus points in the process.
Wemhoff's best effort included a second in the 800 at one meet, and an occasional second or third in his other events, the 100 meter dash, and the long and triple jump.
Sophomore Cori Wemhoff added second and third place finishes in the 100 and high jump several times before missing the final three meets due to an injury, while classmates Jacob Uhlenkott, Alexa Prigge, and Alyssa ·Frei, along with fresh Lauren Chmelik rounded out the team's effort with several individual personal records of their own.
Coaches of the team included full-timers Kim Frei and Polly Ross aided occasionally by volunteers who stopped by to lend a hand.

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