Local man wounded in Iraq
On April 28, 2005, a vehicle equipped with extra armor hit a roadside bomb near Tikrit in Iraq. The explosion killed one soldier and wounded four others. One being Jesse Ingram of Cottonwood.Jesse Ingram.
Jesse belongs to the 116 Eng Btn of the National Guard. They left for Iraq in November of 2004.
Jesse has been wounded twice. The first time he was also on a mission in a Humvee and was shot at with a bullet entering his bulletproof vest and going halfway through. At this time he got shrapnel in his right hand, neck and face. Some shrapnel remains in his hand.
Jesse is now in the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C. His legs were injured extensively. He will have a long hard battle to healing. Jesse is very upbeat and he insists he will “walk again.”
Jesse and his family want to thank everyone for all the concern, kind words and prayers. Please keep the prayers coming. They will pull him through. Thank you all.
This all happened to Jesse on his 22nd birthday.
He is the son of Joyce Grant and Tom Ingram and the brother of Tanya Schumacher, Katie, Kristina and Andrew Ingra, and the grandson of Percy and Edna Roeper and John Ingram.

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