Bid awarded for heating projects
Hobson Fabrication out of Lewiston was accepted as the low bidder on the heating system projects by the school board at their May meeting Tuesday, May 17.
There were only two bids submitted and Hobson was substantially lower than the other bidder. Hobson’s bid was $71,987 while Quality Heating’s bid was $83,671.
Roy Schumacher, John Nida and Kellie Bruner were declared elected to their school board positions as they were the only candidates to file for election.
The auditor bid was approved. Presnell & Gage will do the annual audit for $4,725. This is up from last year’s $4500. 
Superintendent Stan Kress reported the negotiations have been completed. For the fifth straight year there was no change in the salary scale. There was a possibility though that employees would receive a one-time 1% bonus if the state’s carry-over is $124 million or more. In lieu of a salary scale increase the teachers asked for a little more personal leave time from 10 available days to 13 and also an extension of sick leave from the current 11 to 13 days. Kress reported they agreed to the personal leave request but not the sick leave. The board passed a motion to approve the negotiations agreement.
The board also approved letting out bids for a bus lease/purchase. This will be the first one in 3 years.
The Idaho Standards and Achievement Test results were reviewed and Prairie students as a whole did very well. In the Elementary School the 3rd and 4th grades were tested and all 67 students tested were at proficient or better in reading while 66 of 67 were proficient or better in math. One tested at basic.
All 4 grades were tested in the Middle School with 114 of 138 students, 83%, testing at proficient or better in reading. 20 tested at basic and 4 below basic.  123 of 138 tested at proficient or better in math. 14 tested at basic and only 1 below basic.
In the high school only the sophomores were tested. Sophomores have to score at proficient or better as a requirement for graduation. 36 of 43 tested at proficient or better in reading. In math also 36 of 43 tested at proficient or better with 6 testing at basic and 1 at below basic. In all 8 students will have to retake all or part of the test. 
State goals for the tests are roughly 70% testing at proficient or better so Prairie schools easily exceeded those goals. High School principle Mike Bundy said Prairie has shown to be “one of the strongest school districts in the state for our size.”
The district had another teacher resignation as first grade teacher Melissa Lane has submitted her resignation. The district will advertise for a replacement. 
Kress is still working on replacement for the other positions. He wanted to discuss some of them in an executive session.
A 3-year technology plan was approved. This is a plan on how the district will address technology over the next 3 years. Submitting the plan to the state is a requirement for received about $32,000 in technology moneys.
In administrative reports Rene’ Forsmann reported the ISATs and Idaho Reading Indicators were finished. ISAT results were reported above with IRIs not available as yet. The Title I audit is being done. 
The Elementary concert is set for May 26 at 1:30 p.m.
Dave Snodgrass reported testing is done there as well. Field trips are ongoing and the concert was to be May 24.
Mike Bundy reported things seem to be going by quickly. All three spring sports teams are at state and awards are May 25.
The seniors last day is Thursday, May 26.

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