Graduates awarded lots of scholarships
35 students received diplomas at the Prairie High School graduation last Friday, May 27.
In addition the graduates received several awards and have been collectively awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships.
Local scholarships noted during the ceremony were:
Cliff Holthaus Memorial Boosters Club Scholarship, $200 each, to Jenna Nida and Vanessa Sonnen.
David Klapprich Memorial Scholarship, $75 each, to Lacey Seubert and Shane Poxleitner.
Kantola-Morgan Scholarship, $100, to Amanda Jackson.
Prairie Vocational Scholarships, $250 each, to Adam Uhlenkott and Nick Uhelnkott.
Primeland Cooperatives Scholarship, $500, to Vanessa Sonnen.
Prairie Education Association Debbie Fowlds Memorial, $200 each, to Cody Gehring and Heather Schierman.
Maurice Shinn Memorial Scholarship, $250, to Vanessa Sonnen.
Sr. Maryclare and Sr. Stephanie Memorial, $500, to Vanessa Sonnen.
Carl Gibbs Memorial, $100, to Shane Poxleitner.
Jacob Riener Memorial, $500, to Adam Uhlenkott.
John Kernan Memorial, sponsored by Knights of Columbus, $340, to Vanessa Sonnen.
Citizenship Awards and Lions Club Scholarships of $250 each to Amanda Jackson and Chris Rehder.
Other scholarships awarded that the school is aware of, by student:
Mica Ezell – Lewis Clark State College, $250; Idaho Promise, $500; Soroptimist, $500.
Kevin Funke – UI Achievement, $500; UI Idaho Academic, $800; UI Robert Lee Promise, $500; UI Hogue Family Centennial Civil, $800.
Cody Gehring – UI Idaho Academic, $500; UI Robert Lee Promise, $500; Inland Title Company, $500; Eastern Oregon University, $2000/year; Albertson College, $3500; Idaho 4-H Endowment, $1000; Rodeo Club Scholarship, $100.
James Hood – Michigan Technological University; Sarah George Memorial, $500.
Amanda Jackson – UI Robert Lee Promise, $500; UI Achievement, $750; UI Leadership, $1000; Forever Free Drug Free, $325.
Brio Laurino – School of the Arts Institute of Chicago, $12,400/year; American Music and Dramatics Academy, $4,000/year for 2 years.
Briget Long – UI Achievement, $500; UI Idaho Academic, $200; UI Robert Lee Promise, $500; UI Access Grant, $1500; Idaho County Fair Royalty, $400.
Eric Mader – College of Southern Idaho Full Scholarship, $4000; CSI Stipend, $1000/semester; Rodeo Club Scholarship, $100.
Lauren Merrill – Rodeo Club Scholarship, $100.
Shane Poxleitner – Idaho/Lewis County Cattle Association, $500; Rodeo Club Scholarship, $100.
Jenna Nida – Farm Bureau, $500; Roy & Mamie Jones 4-H Endowment, $500.
Dain Rad – UI Robert Lee Promise, $500.
Chris Rehder – UI Walter C. Hayes Engineering, $1000; UI Robert Lee Promise, $500; UI Leadership, $1000.
Lacey Seubert – Idaho County Fair Royalty, $300.
Justin Smith – UI Robert Lee Promise, $500.
Vanessa Sonnen – UI Idaho Academic, $500; UI Achievement, $1000; UI Robert Lee Promise, $500; LEAP Program Grant, $450; Elks Club, $1000.
Travis Uptmor – UI Access Grant; UI Robert Lee Promise, $500
Kelby Wilson – UI Idaho Academic, $1500 renewable; UI Presidential Scholars Award, $2500/renewable; UI Achievement, $1000; Gonzaga University President’s Scholarship, $5000 renewable; Gonzaga Trustee Scholarship, $9000 renewable; Seattle University Trustee Scholarship, $9000 renewable; USAF ROTC, $15,000 renewable; UI Robert Lee Promis, $3000 renewable; National Honor Society, $1000; Elk’s Legacy, $1000; Elk’s Most Valuable Student, $250; Elk’s Student of the Month, $25.
Congratulations to all the graduates!
Friends and family congratulate the graduates. More hugs for graduates.
Vanessa Sonnen, co-valedictorian. Kelby Wilson, co-valdictorian.
Amanda Jackson, salutatorian. Patty Hinkelman, commencement speaker.
The top students lead in the class of 2005. Cherie Seubert and Brio Laurino perform a duet.
James Hood performed a saxophone solo. The mortarboards fly after the ceremonies were completed.

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