Americorps members help Center for Discovery
This year at the Center For Discovery we were lucky enough to have three AmeriCorps Members helping us out.  Donna Latimer is an AmeriCorps Member through the LC ServiceAmeriCorps members Jessma Barrani, Donna Latimer and Lacey Seubert. Corps out of Lewiston.  She is a full time member that has to put in over 1700 hours in a year.  She works everyday with the kids at the Center as well as writes up the Friday Flyer for the Elementary School.  Along with those duties she also has to attend several required montly meeting and trainings and do several community service activites.  We will have the pleasure to have Donna back again next year at the Center For Discovery.
Jessma Barrani and Lacey Seubert are Care For Kids AmeriCorps Members.  They have to put in 900 hours in a year at the Center along with being a seniors.  They also have to attend required montly trainings in Lewiston and a mid-service in Southern Idaho and 2 service projects and a program project.  These two young ladies are off to join the "real" world.  So we will be looking at getting two more high school kids to help us out next year.  This position is open to anyone who is 17 years or older.  Contact Erin Shears for more information.
Each one of them recieve a living allowance and a educational award.  We have had an AmeriCorps Member at the Center For Discovery for the last 4 years.  We believe it is a great place for the kids to get job experience and the educational award is well worth it.  
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