Summit Kindergartners celebrate 100th day
On Summit Academy’s 100th day of Kindergarten we had a very special day. We had our “Special Guest Day” and our 100th day celebration.Summit Kindergartners celebrate their 100th day of class.
We invited several children to school that day to share with us our 100 days of school. We did lots of “100” activities.
We started our afternoon by having a guest. Fr. Meinrad came in and shared with us the story of St. Benedict and the raven. 
We then shared with our friends our 100 Nice Things banner that our whole school participated in making. We got to guess which jar had 100 popcorn kernels in it and then we popped those 100 kernals. It made 1 cup of popped popcorn.
Bridge Bekcman, Lindsey Goeckner, Tyson Schlader and Patrick Chmelik had the closest estimates to the amount.
We then guessed how long 100 seconds was. Leah Higgins and Patrick Chmelik were our closest guesser for this activity.
We then made 100 froot loop necklaces, counting by tens and sorting by colors.
We then made a 100 Day book with the help of some high school girls. We had snacks by counting out 10 of different kinds of finger foods and making our own 100 pieces of trail mix.
We put together 100 piece puzzles and ended the day by guessing how far 100 of our feet would take us from the Kindergarten room door. We ended up out in the gymnasium. And then it was time to go. We had a blast!

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