5 local girls vie for 2006 Fair Royalty
Five young women, all Prairie High School students, are competing for the 2006 Idaho County Fair Royalty.
They are Charlene Duman, Bridget Enneking, Tessica Nuxoll, Shandrie Poxleitner and Tabitha Seubert.
The Royalty Luncheon was held this past Tuesday, August 2 at which time the girls were judged. The winners will be announced Friday, August 19 at the Fair.
Charlene Duman
Charlene, 16, of Cottonwood is the daughter of Dave and Sally Duman. She is sponsored by the Keuterville Homemakers Club.
She has been in 4-H for 7 years and has taken rabbits, steers, pigs and sheep. She has served on many committees in her 4-H club including road clean-up, stall decorating, baked food sale and refreshments. She has also entered open class exhibits.
Charlene has played high school volleyball and track for 2 years and basketball one year. She has also been in the band for two years and is a member of pep club and church youth group.
She enjoys riding horses, putting puzzles together, talking to friends and family and doing a lot of 4-H stuff. 
For jobs she helps her father around the farm, hauls hay and babysits.
Bridget Enneking
Bridget, 17, is the daughter of Pat and Lannette Enneking of Cottonwood. She is sponsored by the Keuterville Livestock 4-H Club.
She has had steer and lamb projects at past fairs as well as Adventures with Your Camera, fixed hair for previous royalty, decorated stalls, numeous open class exhibits, cleaned stalls and met new people.
She is currently in high school volleyball, track, basketball, Prairie League, BPA and drug-free group. She also is a 4-H member, Cottonwood Riding Club member, and president of the decorating committee. In the past she has been a member of Girl Scouts, was a teen leader at 4-H camp for 2 years and was vice president of her 4-H Club.
She enjoys horseback riding, painting pictures of horses, helping other students and spending time with friends.
She currently works as a secretary for Anderson Aeromotive, Inc., Bovey Bed & Breakfast and has done babysitting, fairground cleaning and lawn mowing.
Tessica Nuxoll
Tessica, 16, is the daughter of Archie and Monica Nuxoll of Cottonwood. She is sponsored by the Cottonwood Drifters 4-H Club.
In past fairs she has had cake decorating projects for 3 years, taking top project in 2001. She has had market lambs for 7 years winning quality grand champion in 2003. She has also taken welding, sewing, Making the Most of Me, rabbit and cooking projects.
She served as president of the Cottonwood Jr. Jaycees and was Idaho Jr. Jaycee of the Year in 2001. She is also involved in Girl Scouts and is currently serving as president and Jr. Project Leader of her 4-H Club. She has also held the offices of reporter, treasurer and historian for the club. She is also on the high school volleyball team.
She enjoys playing volleyball, riding horses, camping with family and friends, scrapbooking, 4-wheeling and being with family and friends.
She does babysitting and is a delivery driver and janitor for A-1 Flowers & More.
Shandrie Poxleitner
Shandrie, 16, is the daughter of Ed and Jackie Poxleitner of Keuterville. She is sponsored by the Keuterville Livestock 4-H Club.
Shandrie has had 7 years of animal projects, 4 years of hogs and 3 years of beef. She ahs also had 2 years of cooking projects, 5 years of Making the Most of Me, 1 year of cake decorating, 1 year of food science and was top overall model for 2 years.
She is a member of the high school rodeo team, volleyball team, spirit club and takes stats for wrestling. She competed for Idaho National Teenager, is a member of Keuterville Livestock 4-H Club, is an active member of AQHA, and is active in several church groups and fundraisers.
She enjoys singing, rodeo, riding 4-wheelers, hading with family and friends and enjoys playing volleyball and wrestling.
Shw works as a waitress at the Country Haus, partsperson at St. John Hardware and is a secretary for J & E Excavation.
Tabitha Seubert
Tabitha, 16, is the daughter of Shawn and Jill Seubert of Cottonwood. She is sponsored by the Cottonwood Drifters 4-H Club.
In past fairs she has had 8 years of swine projects, 3 years of Making the Most of Me, 2 years cake decorating and 2 years sewing. In her 4-H club she has served as treasurer for 3 years, reporter for 2 years, sargeant of arms for 2 years, historian for 2 years and secretary for 1 year. 
She has participated in basketball, volleyball, track, softball and soccer at either the middle school or high school level. She was in Girl Scouts for 2 years and has been in 4-H for 8 years. She has also served with the Jr. Jaycees for a year, Catholic Youth Group for a year, been in BPA at the high school for a year and volunteered to help at the Center For Discovery.
She enjoys swimming, hanging out with friends, going to movies, playing volleyball, 4-wheeling, and going camping with family and friends.
She has worked as a waitress at Keuterville Pub & Grub for 5 years, babysitting for 4 years and putting in sprinkler systems for 2 years.

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