Museum fundraiser is Sunday
The St. Gertrude Raspberry Festival is on Sunday, Aug. 7 on the grounds of St. Gertrude Monastery, in the Prairie High School gym and the quilt show is in the large conference room of the new Spirit Center.Some of the 9 new display cases built with a Lewis & Clark grant.
Expenses for the museum now runs just over $100,000 and much of this amount is raised during the annual Raspberry Festival.
The Lewis-Clark Grant for 2004 was used to make nine tall display cases.  These are placed in the back right hand corner of the main room as you come in the door.
With the new display cases built over the last several years from grant money, exhibits are better displayed and better protected.
Also a big help will be the new storage climate controlled room in the Spirit Center.  This will free up room in the museum workroom, which has been a storeroom for extra artifacts.  A recent grant will be used to purchase wire shelving for the storeroom.
The museum is visited by 5500 to 6000 people each year as well as visits by school children.
Tours will be offered on Sunday, Aug. 7, during the Raspberry Festival.  A fee is charged.
Special this year at the festival is the donation of a signed basketball by John Stockton.  For $10 each a 3x3-foot square will be sold on the soccer field in front of the high school.  At 2:30 p.m. Sunday an ultra-light will fly over the field and drop a basketball (not the special ball) and if the comes to rest in your square, you are the winner.
A run and a walk start at 8 a.m. with registration starting at 7 a.m.  Breakfast will be served from 8-10 a.m. for $5 and lunch from 10-4 p.m.
The festival will include many of last year’s events, shortcake, craft sales and demonstrations, music, drawing for $500 and other items.
In September another fundraiser will be held when Alfredo Muro returns for two sessions.  Muro is the Peruvian classical guitarist who gave a concert last year. 
This time there will be a dinner with Mr. Muro for $50 Sept. 30 for seating for 80 people.
Saturday, Oct. 1, there will be a concert in the Chapel with seating for 300 and ticket at $15 and $20 each.
Remember the museum is a collection of early day items, many were an active part of the local area.

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