Bus routes are approved
The school bus routes were approved at the regular August meeting of the school board Monday, August 15.
They appear at the bottom of this article.
A resignation was accepted from Kelsey Edwards, who has taken a teaching and coaching position at Grangeville.
Approved for hire was Andrea (Uhlenkott) Brannan for the part-time 6th grade and ISAT preparation position that is funded by REAP funds. Vikki Duman had been previously hired for that position but was asked to take over the teaching position Edwards held.
They are still interviewing for the open high school math position.
The board reviewed and approved both the middle school and high school class schedules.
In other action the board approved Section IX of the Policy Manual with minor changes.
They also began review of the Mentoring portion of the Personnel Policy. Change of this section was required once the state legislature removed the law requiring the mentoring program for first and second year teachers. They had removed the funding for it a year ago and finally removed the law this year.
Along the lines of requirements that aren’t funded, Superintendent Stan Kress informed the board of the State Board of Education’s recent approval of new graduation requirements. They are looking at increasing the amount of math and science credits as well as total credits required for graduation. These would necessitate hiring more math and science teachers but so far there hasn’t been any indication of funding to help pay for these positions.
Overall credits for graduation would be 46 as opposed to the current 40. Prairie currently requires 44. Math credits required would go from 4 to 8 and science from 3 to 6.
Kress also reported that the state is looking at changing the educational standards and developing a new ISAT to test to those new standards for spring of 2006. He was informed of this at the annual superintendents meeting with the state board. He said many of the superintendents were up in arms about going with a new test so quickly.
He said the new standards purportedly deal with when subjects are taught, spreading throughout the curriculum as opposed to the current system that bunches some subjects together.
In other administrative reports Greg Deiss reported the restroom renovations were started at the Elementary School. Dave Remacle reported the girls restroom would likely be finished on Tuesday then they’d start on the boys.
When asked about enrollment numbers, Deiss said he didn’t have that information with him but thought they had added 1 to the Kindergarten.
Rene’ Forsmann reported that all but one of the sixth graders have got their paperwork done for the Science trip to McCall. That student would be placed with the fifth grade while their classmates are on the trip.
She reported painting is nearing completion.
When asked about enrollment she said they had a net loss of 5 as the incoming fifth grade has 40 while the outgoing eighth grade had 45 students but several new students will make it about even with last year.
Dave Snodgrass reported registration is later in the week but the high school looks to remain about even with last year.
He reported the floors have been finished and are ready for waxing. He has been having some cabinets painted. 
When asked about it he reported the gym fared well during the Raspberry Festival although there was one incident with a light on the stage. Apparently someone removed the counterweights from one of the ropes holding the stage lights. He said he would work with that to make sure it doesn’t happen again and will also address the conditions of the rooms backstage at the gym.
The board has been reviewing the school surveys the last couple of months and would like the patrons to know that they are looking into some of the issues and concerns expressed and will be taking appropriate actions.
The board adjourned to an executive session at 8:06 p.m.
The next meeting of the board will be Monday, September 19 at 7 p.m.

FERDINAND-Justin Nuxoll
Bus # 008
7:00 a.m.
Mike Nau, Rick Dalgleish, Lonnie Schaeffer, Jeff Jackson, Scott Schaeffer, Mike Duclos, John Frei, Ferdinand Town Children, Scott Kennedy, Ken Ross.

COTTONWOOD-Sharon Johnson
Bus # 02-7
7:00 a.m.
Wally Williams, Donald Trock, Brendan Arnzen, Teel Bruner, Tim Dalgliesh, Joe Forsmann, Mel Sonnen, Vic Lustig, Darrel Uhlorn, Alan Holthaus, Darla Whitley, Shawn Seubert, Andy Frei, John Paul Frei, David Frei, Dan Everson.

GREENCREEK-Jerry Schumacher
Bus # 007
7:00 a.m.
Steve Sonnen, Gordon Heath, Colin Crea, Tom Sonnen, Aaron Hinkelman, Jerry Schumacher, Joe Baerlocher, Ed Stubbers, Tony Schumacher, Roy Schumacher, Don Schumacher, John Schumacher, Ken Stubbers, Kevin Schmidt, Tom Schumacher, Phil Schmidt, Doug Lustig, Bob Lustig, Ed Lustig, Rusty Lorentz.

Bus # 98-2
7:00 a.m.
Jerry Forsmann, Christy Renne’, Jesse Vanator, Jim Bruegeman, Jeff VonBargen, Pat Uhlenkott, Cliff Tacke, Ken Seubert, Tim Seubert, Scott Wasem, Dan VonBargen, Tad Tidwell, Brett Uhlenkott, Ryan Uhlenkott, Michel Osterbhur, Mike Kaschmitter.

Bus # 01-1
7:00 a.m.
Clint Mader, Gerry Gehring, Loretta Poxleitner, Bob Goeckner, Randy Lorentz, Ed Enneking, Ed Poxleitner, Glenn Poxleitner, Keuterville Town Children, Mark Geis, Jesse Geis, Sally Brown, Luke Geis, Ken Geis, Roy Uhlenkott, Pat Long, Jack Duman, Cottonwood Town Children.

Bus # 98-1
7:00 a.m.
Pat Enneking, Scott Jungert, Tim Gehring, Brian Gehring, Tom Gehring, Roger Uptmor, Ben Munger, Dave Duman, Mark Anderson, Tom Bower, Colin Sprute.

Bus # 004
7:00 a.m.
George Hager, Dave Enneking, Rick Johnson, Kent Tassel, Darcie Waller, Kent Rad, Butch Spencer, Cottonwood Town Children, Kris Shears, Greg Danly, Mike Vanderpas.
All out of district students and Summit Academy students will be picked up at nearest bus route stop.

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