Credit Union is nationally ranked
Cottonwood Community Federal Credit Union was ranked as the 9th best in the country in credit unions with assets from $20 to $50 million according to the July 11 issue of the Credit Union Journal.
The rankings were determined by Callahan & Associates of Washington, D.C. in what they call their Return to the Member ranking system.
The core components of Return to the Member are three functions: lending, savings and member usage.
The 9th place ranking is in the Return to the Savers portions of the Return to the Member rankings.
Return to the Savers measures how well a credit union is doing in providing deposit services back to the members.
Cottonwood Credit Union was reported to have a dividend to income ratio of 33.92% with and average dividend paid of 2.20%. 
Growth average for share balances was 6.20% with a 3 year share growth of 14.23%.

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