Cottonwood City Council meets
The Cottonwood City Council passed resolutions changing the sewer and sanitation rates at their September meeting Monday, Sept. 12.
A $3 charge that will be put into a dedicated fund for sewer system repairs has been added and the sanitation rate was increased to $16.02 per container for residential customers.
In other business the council approved the insurance coverage proposal from ICRMP, their carrier. The cost will be $16,958 which is about a $900 decrease from last year. Covered are nearly $1.2 million worth of buildings and $443,000 worth of contents.
In the police report, the concern that some citizens feel the city is anti-4-wheelers was addressed. Both Mayor Denis Duman and Police Chief Terry Cochran stated they have no problems with 4-wheelers on city streets as long as they’re legal to be there. To be legal on city streets a 4-wheeler must be licensed, have mirrors, blinkers and proof of insurance like any car or truck and the operator must also be a licensed driver. They also wanted to point out that although you can have one licensed for city street driving, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can take it out on the highway.
Cochran also reported the sheriff department’s radar trailer seems to have helped make people aware just how fast they’re actually going. He has been doing focused patrols in the school traffic areas, especially now that elementary children are crossing streets at about the same time the high school students are driving through town.
Martin Fowler reported there’s not much happening in the water department at this time. They’ve had a few leaks that have been readily fixed. Leakage is running about 15-20% which although still a little high is in the acceptable range. He reported wells 2 and 4 are recovering very well now that the pressure has been taken off them by well 5. Out of 8 million gallons pumped last month 1.5 million were from well 2, 750,000 from well 4 and the balance from well 5.
Max Nuxoll had nothing to report from the sewer department. He did report that he and Shelli Schumacher had discussed putting a dumpster at the park but decided against it due to the unsightliness and that one would be really needed only a few times a year.
Carol Altman gave the street report as Jack Duman was unable to attend. She reported the King St. paving project is completed and they’ve received many favorable comments. Some patching is being done and more is planned.
The new striping on Main St. seems to be helping with the traffic flow. They are still waiting on the contractor for the sidewalk in front of the fire station.
In the land and buildings report Schumacher reported the park is looking good with the bike path having been completed. Fowler reported that the Cottonwood Credit Union also has paid for a sidewalk connector from their parking lot to the bike path.
Some planning and zoning items were discussed. The lease for Greg and Nancy Arnzen’s mobile home above the elevators was discussed. Their son Casey and his wife Jenny have purchased the trailer and asked to renew the lease in their name. The council decided to take this opportunity to find out exactly where their water and sewer lines are located and maybe tweak some of the language in the lease agreement that would give some options if the city needs to work on those lines as they might necessitate moving the mobile home. Action was tabled until the next meeting.
The council voted to approve the request from Steve and Lois Lamont to vacate the portions of Goldstone and Euclid Streets platted onto their property. These are platted streets that have never been opened. The city did retain a 20 foot wide access on Euclid should it ever be needed for water and/or sewer lines.
The council adjourned at 9:20 p.m. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 8 p.m. The meeting was moved to Tuesday due to the Columbus Day holiday.

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