Whatsoever Things Are True
by Pastor Dan Colburn
“Your conversation gives you away”. My pastor in Elk City once asked, “if you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you”? Ouch. Then after reading about Peters’ denial of Christ where his association with Him was confirmed by his (conversation), I began to research what the Bible means when it talks about our conversation.
Peter used this word more than anyone else in the Bible. In 1st Peter 1: 15, he talks about our conversation being Holy–or not. In 1: 18 he discusses the “useless”  conversations of men. In chapter 2 vs 12, he encourages us to “let our yes be yes, and our no be no”. In 2nd Peter 2: 7 he addresses porn and perversions by using Lot as an example—“and delivered just Lot, vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked”. Most interesting to me however, is chapter three vs 11 where holy conversation is to become our target or goal. 
Why would we do that? Because it’s the right thing to do? Will it be worth it? For us? Our children? For God? Lets turn the Spiritual Switch.
Eddy Senior was an attorney for Al Capone. He was in charge of all his financial affairs, and also ran his dog races. He later had a baby boy whom he loved with all his heart. Becoming a father was for Eddy,  as it is for many men, a life changing experience. As he wrestled with reconciling  his line of work with being a dad, he became more and more distressed. “I can give him anything but integrity” he was quoted as saying. He turned States Evidence resulting in Capones’ conviction, and was found in an alley one week later, shot in the head. 
Eddy Junior went to Annapolis and right in the middle of World War Two, he found himself on the Coral Sea; one of our four remaining aircraft carriers. All the planes had flown off on a mission and although Eddy was a pilot, his commanding officer deemed him to inexperienced to go along. So it was that he was left behind. Just him and two remaining planes when the unthinkable happened. Off in the distance, seven Japanese torpedo bombers were spotted. Eddy, without thinking, jumped into one of the planes and after taking off, began circling the ship. Just circling. The situation must have seemed hopeless to the sailors on board whose very lives literally were in the hands of this man Eddy. They were in the middle of a very large ocean, surrounded by the enemy, and all they could do was watch.  
Then their despair gradually turned to cheers as one by one, Eddy shot down the enemy planes. First one, then the second, then as the hundreds of sailors on deck cheered hysterically, a total of five enemy planes were shot down by one man in an F4-F, on his very first flight. The remaining two torpedo planes turned tail and ran. Can you imagine the scene as he landed again? Can you imagine the celebrating, the accolades, the appreciation, the gratitude for what this one man was able to accomplish? Well, there is a sort of monument to this first WW2 flying Ace, and if you have ever flown to or from Chicago, you have been there. His name was Butch Eddy O’Hare, and the airport there is named for him. 
Now I want to ask you a question. Who was the Hero?     Eddy Junior?   Or, Eddy Senior? If the decisions we make here have eternal consequences for both us and others, what about our kids? Is our conversation important? It’s not our speech or accent. It’s our manor or nature. Our countenance: our total person. It’s our perseverance especially in the face of persecutions. It’s our morals. Live It!

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