Addresses being changed
As many of you know, we have begun switching over to the new 911 addressing system.  We will be doing away with the old Rural Route and Highway Contract Route addresses and each route delivery will be assigned a new address, which will be their actual physical location.  Rural Route 1 customers located in the Cottonwood delivery area should have received notice of their new addresses.  The Greencreek area deliveries and Highway Contract 3 and 4 customers will be given their new addresses within the next few months.  We will deliver mail addressed to both the old and new address for one year.
When you receive notification of your new address we are asking that you notify mailers of your new address by mail, phone or the Internet.  Remember to inform government agencies such as the IRS ( and the Social Security Administration ( of your new address.  You can have your new address listed in the phone book by calling the local business office listed in the front of the phone book.  For the Qwest phone book the number for residential customer changes is 1-800-244-1111, for business customers that number is 1-800-603-6000.
Customers who receive mail at a PO Box located at the Cottonwood Post Office will also be notified of their physical addresses; however, their mailing address will be the PO Box number.  If you wish to use both your physical address and your PO Box number on correspondence, use the physical address as the top line of your address and have the PO Box number listed just above the city and state.  It is very important to always use the PO Box number to help assure accurate delivery of your mail.
If you have any questions or need assistance during this change over, please stop by the Cottonwood Post Office or give us a call at 962-3861.  Thank you for your help to make this a smooth transition.

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