Uhlenkotts win top prize at Mystery Night
By Stephen Spencer
On September 17th, Summit Academy hosted its annual Mystery Night at the Greencreek Community Hall.  The theme for this year’s Mystery Night was “The Great Outdoors” which was portrayed by incredible decorations.  The fun filled evening started at 6:00 PM with a social hour, including dinner and a silent auction.  During this time $5 National Park badges were purchased.  Later in the evening, a National Park badge was drawn and the person with that National Park badge received $100.  The winner of this event was Pete Prigge.  Pete also won a Piggy bank containing $267 be being the closest to guess the total of its contents.  Other activities through the night included a live auction as well as a slideshow of Summit Academy’s last school year.
 At 7:30 PM the big raffle started.  Kevin and Kathy Rehder, as well as Pete and Leah Prigge, were the emcees for the night.  The first ticket eliminated belonged to Brent Goeckner, who was reimbursed for being the first drawn.  In this drawing, names that were drawn were eliminated until the Grand Prize Winner, which was the 350th ticket drawn.  Every 10th person eliminated was brought up to the stage where they had a chance to fish for little magnetic fish or shoot at cans with an air gun.  Each participant was given a prize valued around $100.  Some of these lucky “losers” included:  Mary Ann Hess, who won a skiing package.  There was also Terry & Holli Rehder who brought home a lawn pond.  Kim Frei received an office chair, and Marcella Goeckner walked away with a digital camera.  The drawing continued until only 10 people remained standing.  For each person eliminated a short skit was performed.  The first five to be eliminated from the final ten were Chris Wren, Christine Munger, Wayne & Cami Shears, Tom Schwartz, and Steve & Kristi Frei.  These five each received a prize valued around $50.  Brad & Robin Frei received $100 for being drawn 5th from last.  Scott & Barbara McLeod won $200 followed by Shorty & Marge Arnzen with $300.  Pat & Peggy Madden walked away with $400 for being second to last.  The Grand Prize of $10,000 went to Greg & Maura Uhlenkott.  This concluded another successful Mystery Night.

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