Summit holds open house
By Stephen Spencer
On September 23rd, Summit Academy hosted an “Experience the Classroom” night designed to better inform the parents on Summit’s unique program.  Summit’s principal, Annette Wemhoff began the evening by giving a short presentation on the program offered by Summit as well as the integral formation of the students.  The event continued as each teacher took the parents into their classroom and went through their curriculum.  New programs were explained and student’s textbooks were shown.  After all the classrooms had been visited two short speeches were given; one from a current student, Tanna Schlader, and from one of the alumni, Elaine Rehder.  Tanna stated why she likes Summit saying “I like Summit because we get to play in groups at recess and I like it because of the teachers.”  Elaine gave a speech talking about how she realized what the education at Summit has done for her now that she is in college.  She also realized how important the discipline was at Summit and how much it helped her.  The evening concluded with sign-up sheets, information packets for each family, and refreshments.

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