Cottonwood City Council meets
The Cottonwood City Council held their regular October meeting Tuesday, Oct. 11.
Two alcohol beverage licenses were approved. One was for Douglas Emperor at the Cottonwood Bowl and the other was a temporary license approved for Rick and Deborah Frei at the Country Still.
Ron and Debbie Schnider talked with the council about what they’re doing and what they’ll need to do at their proposed new business in the old Olive’s Auto Parts building. They are applying for a variance to use street rights-of-way for their drive-up window.
A lease was approved for Casey and Jennifer Arnzen as their mobile home property is located in part of Oak St.
Verizon discussed a lease for a cell tower on city property. The location discussed would be the southeast corner of the Riding Club Arena.
A salary for the water meter reader was discussed. It had been an hourly position but the hours were dropping as more of the electronic meters were installed. A salary of $200 per month was approved by the council.
The election was discussed. City Hall will serve as the polling place with Laurie Workman, Aleta Coppernoll and Helen Nuxoll to serve as election judges. Also discussed was costs of the election. Mayor Denis Duman will survey other small cities and look into building a case for changing elections so that if only the minimum number of candidates have filed they can be declared elected like school board and highway district elections.
City credit cards were discussed. Jack Duman moved that the city look into this further.
In the reports, Martin Fowler reported the water leakage is down. He also reported they have just 150 new water meters left to install and the whole system will be on the electronic meter reading system.
In the sewer report Max Nuxoll reported he will be meeting with Corey Baune of JUB Engineering to set up an annual report for the system.
Jack Duman reported he is looking into possible grants for paving and sealcoating of city streets. He also reported nearly all the signs paid for by the sign grant have been installed.
He also reported the sidewalk has been finished in front of the fire station.
In the lands and buildings report, Fowler presented a proposal from the Lions Club to put a sidewalk along the city park and have some connectors from the sidewalk to the bike path. This idea was met with positive reaction by the council. With a sidewalk and curb, they might be able to remove the cable fence along King Street.
The fire department has ordered new signage for the front of the fire station. They have also purchased a compressor so they can refill their air bottles rather than take them elsewhere. They could also provide that service for other small departments in the area.
The council adjourned at 9:30 p.m. to an executive session.
The next regular meeting will be Monday, Nov. 14 at 8 p.m.

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