Summit welcomes veterans
By Brandon Rehder
On November 14th the Summit Academy juniors and seniors welcomed two speakers to commemorate Veterans Day, which was November 11th. The speakers were Jim Schumacher, who served in Vietnam, and Seth Harman, who was recently in Iraq. Both speakers outlined their positions in the military and where they served. They also compared the war in Iraq to the Vietnam War. Mr. Harman brought pictures to help illustrate what the situation in Iraq was like. The presentation was excellent and a big thanks goes out to Mr. Schumacher and Mr. Harman for taking time to speak at our school.    

Summit Girls win 2 of 3
Starting off the high school girls' basketball season with a bang last week, Summit Patriot ladies took the championship trophy home from the New Meadows Kick Off tourney with victories over Salmon River and Wilder. Earlier in the week, Summit lost a squeaker to Kamiah's Kubs by one point in an overtime, which saw Summit miss nine of 12 free throws during that period.
In the Kamiah game, scoring was spread evenly over the squad as follows: Cori Wemhoff - 9, Lauren Wemhoff - 8, Alexa Prigge - 7, Alyssa Frei - 6, Emily Rehder - 5, Amber Nuxoll- 4, and Jacquie Lustig - 2. Emily and Alexa did a good job on the boards during the evening, with Summit ahead at the quarter 10 to 9, behind at halftime 21 to 26, still behind at the 3rd quarter break 30 to 34, then rallied a bit in the 4th to end regulation at 38 to 38. The missed free throws in the overtime doomed the local ladies to defeat.
The same evening, Kim Frei closed out the junior varsity match with five straight free throws to lead the JV team to a narrow 23 to 22 victory.
Friday and Saturday, the local girls traveled to New Meadows to defend the title they earned there last year, and repeated that feat with an easy 41 to 25 victory over Salmon River, then eked out a 42 to 36 win over Wilder to bring home the tourney trophy for the second year in a row. Scoring for the Patriots in the two game series: (Totals for both games) Lauren Wemhoff -12, Cori Wemhoff - 22, Jeannie Goeckner - 6, including 2 clutch free throws in the last 20 seconds of the championship game to seal the victory, Alyssa Frei - 4, Alexa Prigge - 21, Amber Nuxoll - 1, Emily Rehder - 12, Jacquie Lustig - 5. Alexa and Emily dominated the boards in both contests, averaging 10 boards each in both games.
Next game for the Patriots is a return match with the Kamiah Kubs at Prairie Middle School, Tuesday, November 23.

Summit releases honor roll
Names of students making the first quarter honor roll were released last week as follows:
HIGH SCHOOL: Honor roll minimums for high school students are as follows: Maximum high honors - 4.00; High honors - 3.75 up; Honors - 3.50 up.
Junior Amber Nuxoll finished the quarter with a perfect 4.00 average,
and sophomore Lauren Chmelik finished in the high honor category with
a 3.91 average. Other students making the honor category of 3.5 up to
3.74 were: seniors - Jeannie Goeckner, Maria Osborne, Stephen Spencer, and Lauren Wemhoff. Juniors with honors: Alexa Prigge and Cori Wemhoff. Freshman Kim Frei was the only other underclassman to make the honors category, just missing high honors with her grade point of 3.74.
At the elementary level, students must maintain an average of 93% in all classes to deserve honor roll status. Students achieving that distinction in the first quarter: 7th and 8th: Josh Frei, Dylan Prigge, Mary Shears, Rachel Wemhoff. 5th and 6th: Nicole Frei, Derek Nuxoll, Savanah Prigge, Michael Rehder, Tanna Schlader, and Rachel Uhlenkott. 3rd and 4th: Sarah Chmelik, Rachael Frei, Sarah Kuther, Megan Rehder, Kayla Schumacher, Matthew Schwartz, Megan Seubert, and Nicole Wemhoff.
Earning perfect attendance honors for the first quarter, from kindergarten to seniors in high school:
KG: John Paul Knappert, Nicholas Mager, Justin Wassmuth, Angela Wemhoff.
1st-2nd: Bridget Beckman, Lindsey Goeckner, Jacinta Kuther, Justin Schumacher, Thomas Schwartz.
3rd-4th: Nathan Beckman, Rachael Frei, Josh Lustig, Megan Rehder, Rhett Schlader, Matthew Schwartz.
5th-6th: Austin Chmelik, Nicole Frei, Savannah Kuther, Michael Rehder,  Tanna Schlader, Shawn Seubert, Courtney Schwartz.
7th-8th: Josh Frei, Tara Stubbers, Jennifer Wemhoff, Rachel Wemhoff.
9th-10th: Lauren Chmelik, Kim Frei, Zach Frei, Chase Nuxoll, William Schlader, Brianne Stubbers, Danielle Stubbers.
11th-12th: Alyssa Frei, Alex Kuther, Maria Osborne, Brandon Rehder, Emily Rehder, Stephen Spencer, Cori Wemhoff, Lauren Wemhoff.

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