Students in Mars Rover competition
By Claire Whitley
Prairie Middle School Mars rover groups will compete in the Mars Rover competition at the University of Idaho in April. We have four teams of six this year.  The Mars Rover competition team collected rock samples.
We will compete with other Lego designs, lab notebooks, posters, and presentations. My dad is the leader of two groups. We are taking part in an experiment with the Arizona State University Jet Propulsion Lab  rock collecting activity hoping it will help our presentation a little bit. . 
We collected some rock samples Tuesday after school. We went to the quarry on your way to the high school and we went to Graves Creek. The rock samples will be analyzed at A.S.U to see what they are made out of. The Jet Propulsion Lab  requests children from around the world to collect rocks for them to analyze. Last year one of our Mars Rover groups won first in lab notebook, we plan to win first in our poster. Wish us luck!


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