Classes makes gifts
The three classes of Fundamentals of Technology made a variety of Christmas presents for the preschool students, the long-term care patients at St. Mary’s Hospital and for the residents of the Shelter Home.
The project is not only to provide gifts to others but to help young people understand that in giving to others, you receive something in return, far better than a gift.
Wood for the projects was donated by a variety of people. The Technology Student Association purchased hinges, hangers, dowels and finish.
The students learned how to use a variety of machines in the process of making the presents.

Beth Geis, Samantha Johnson, Michelle Geis and Andy Groom in front of the boxes they made for the Long Term Care patients at St. Mary’s Hospital for Christmas. 

Britney Gehring, James Jackson and Cody Miller in front of the log loader they made for Preschool students.

Dominick Klinkefus, Michael Matson and Camille Schumacher in front of the tool box and tools they made for the preschool students.

Brandon Ross, Steve Baerlocher, Ron Chandler and Kevin Karel in front of the semi and trailers they made for preschool students.

Jennifer Enneking, Emily Lerandeau, Rachel Kaschmitter and Alicia Pepper with the treasure chests they made for preschool students. 

Kyle Daly, Chelsea Long, Caitlyn Johnson and Joe Poxleitner made boxes for the Long Term Care patients.

Eric Daly, Kristi Poxleitner and Chance Ratcliff in front of the rolling elephant they made for the preschool students. Not shown is Bryce Forsmann.

Kristi Poxleitner, Kyle Daly, Caitlyn Johnson, Joe Poxleitner, Chelsea Long, Eric Daly and Chance Ratcliff made picture frames for the Shelter Home Residents.

Nicki Roeper, Kara Guyer and Alli Holthaus holding the marble maze they made for the preschool students.

Jason VonBargen holds the checkerboard he, Zak Waller and Tyler Forsmann made for the preschool students.

JV games start at 6 p.m., varsity to follow unless indicated
  5-Genesee, there
  7-C.V., here, 3 p.m.
10-Highland, there
13-Troy, here
17-Culdesac, here
19-Grangeville, here
21-Deary, here
24-Nezperce, there
27-Timberline, there
Feb. 1-11-District at LCSC

Jan. 7-Home meet, 10 a.m.
Jan. 14-at Lewiston, 10 a.m.
Jan. 21-at Kamiah, 10 a.m.
Jan. 28-Districts, at Orofino, 10 a.m.
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