Chronicle publisher commended by Sen. Crapo
The Chronicle was recently informed that Senator Mike Crapo was impressed Pat Wherry with a copy of the Congressional Record submission.that Pat Wherry had owned the Chronicle for 30 years and submitted the statement below to the Congressional Record. Pat reached her 30th year of ownership of the paper on Sept. 1, 2005.
Statement to the record submitted by Idaho Senator Mike Crapo
     MR. CRAPO:  Mr./Madam President, keeping a community connected and informed is one of the most important functions of a local paper.  In Cottonwood, Idaho, this job has been attended to with care and expertise by Pat Wherry and her late husband Bob for the past 30 years.  In 1975, Pat and Bob took the helm of the Cottonwood Chronicle and Bob, until his death, and Pat have been serving the community of Cottonwood through their hard work and diligence ever since.  Their two sons are involved in the businesses as well, each currently holding positions as editors, one at the Chronicle and the other at the Lewis County Herald.  Bob passed away in 1996, but Pat has stayed with the paper, working hours that as many involved in small papers know far exceed 40 hours per week.
     The Cottonwood Chronicle is one of the oldest papers in Idaho, first wearing the banner of the “Cottonwood Report” in 1892.  It has been the Cottonwood Chronicle since around 1910.  At one time, the Wherry family also owned both the Valley News in Meridian and the Lewis County Herald in Nez Perce, but later sold the Valley News.  They have devoted their time, resources and energy to keeping the people in these communities educated and involved.  Editors of small papers especially serve many functions--they are the source of news and schedules of events.  They are the keepers of community opinion and concerns.   Pat especially is a strong and proud advocate for Cottonwood and I always appreciate her information she shares about the exciting things happening in this growing community.  I congratulate Pat and her sons Greg and Steve and wish them well as they continue in their good work.  

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