Idaho County and Walco enter mediation
On January 11, 2006, the Idaho County Commissioners and Walco, Inc. entered into mediation regarding the solid waste issue in Idaho County.  The parties met and worked cooperatively to resolve their differences and examined cost effective means of maintaining service to the County.  Both parties agree that excellent progress was made and have each appointed representatives to discuss these matters pending a further formal mediation to be scheduled within 60 days.
The parties have agreed to seek the assistance of qualified accountants to address financial concerns, which shall be further discussed upon the receipt of their opinions.
The parties agree to work jointly educating the community on the importance of proper waste disposal.  The parties shall refrain from any other public comments about their differences pending the resumption of mediation.  Mediation under the Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure are deemed to be confidential.
As a gesture of good faith, Walco agreed to return the dumpsters previously removed near Grangeville on a trial basis to determine if they could be utilized without abuse.  Under County Ordinance, City residents are not permitted to use the dumpsters and any excess solid waste generated by City residents must be taken to the Transfer Station so it can be properly sorted prior to final disposal.

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