103 donate blood
The response to our Blood Drive was great.   There were 103 donors and 93 usable units.   Thanks to all of you for your attendance and patience. The computer glitches at the beginning put us behind schedule for the whole afternoon!
Joe Didier topped the gallon pins awarded with one for nine gallons, plus a tee shirt.  Sally Rehder received a pin for giving six gallons and Cindy Wilson has given 4 gallons.   Ted Schmidt and Elsie Reichlin have given three gallons and Diana Holubetz, one gallon.
On their way to many gallons are our precious first timers.   Kim Coppernoll, Teri Hager, Kayla Uhlenkott, Katie Cooper, Norman Lee, Teddy Stefan, Karen Cobreen and C.J. Rieman.   Plus we were very happy for the support of our students!
Thanks to the faithful volunteers: Marlene Jungert, Elaine Schumacher, Eleanore Hinkelman, Merna Gehring, Connie Uhlenkott, Doris Sonnen, Margaret Stewart, Karen Lustig, Dolores von Bargen, and Anna Gehring who helped run the show.   Set up, tear down were Don Tacke, Brandon Johnson, Urban Wassmuth, Ralph and Curt Terhaar.
A big thank you to St. Mary's Hospital for always funding our cafeteria,  MAPLE BARS.  Again, thanks to the community for your support and hope to see you again, along with your friends, April 5.

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