Summit teams finish 4th at Hallissey Tournament
Both Summit Academy’s boys and girls Hallissey teams concluded a very successful weekend in Boise; with each team’s loss in their final round leaving them in fourth place and just one victory short of a tourney trophy.  And both teams endured the weekend the hard way, each losing to the two finalists in each division.
The lady Patriots, numbering nine, 8th graders Tara Stubbers and Jenn Wemhoff, 7th graders Jamie Chmelik, Vicki Schlader, and Rachel Wemhoff, and 6th graders Nicole Frei, Savannah Kuther, Savanah Prigge, and Brandee Seubert, and missing starter Mary Shears, who could not make the trip, won their first game 30 to 22 over St. Mark 7th, lost their second to eventual tourney champions St. Mark 8th, won their third against Our Lady of the Valley, then lost to eventual second place Sacred Heart 8th in the battle for 3rd place status and a chance at the championship.  Scoring for the Patriots in the four games was Tara Stubbers with a total of 37, Savanah Prigge-24, Rachel Wemhoff-20, Jamie Chmelik-7, Brandee Seubert and Savannah Kuther, each with 4, and Vicki Schlader and Nicole Frei, each with 2.  Jenn Wemhoff played well on defense in every game, but was unable to connect on shots at the hoop.
One week earlier, the same team, but including Mary Shears, and missing Rachel Wemhoff all but a few minutes of the first game of the tourney because of an injury, traveled to Grangeville where they played in succession Prairie, Kamiah, and Grangeville 8th grade teams, losing all three, but staying fairly close in two of the three.
Meanwhile the Patriot boys were duplicating the girl’s effort, though by a more difficult route, as their bracket steered them through six games, four on Saturday.  With 8th graders Josh Frei and Dylan Prigge playing every minute of every game, fatigue entered into the frays towards the end, and they like the girls lost the last game that would have put them into the semifinals, leaving them in fourth place for the weekend.  7th graders David Johnson and Beau Schlader also played nearly every minute, with 6th grader Austin Chmelik and 5th grader Danny Wemhoff filling in the fifth team spot on an alternating basis, and spelling the older boys on occasion.
Friday night, the Patriots defeated Sacred Heart 7th 40-20, then lost an early Saturday morning game to eventual tourney champion Our Lady of the Valley from Caldwell by a score of 42 to 28.  The Patriots then won three games in a row, still on Saturday, with about 2 hours rest in between, defeating St. Mary’s 7th 43-26, Risen Christ 43 to 38, and St. Joe’s 7th 36-15.  Their 4 in 1 record at the time put them into the quarter finals Saturday morning against eventual runner-up Sacred Heart 8th, resulting in a game effort by the fatigued Patriots, but a loss by the score 16 to 32.  Scoring for the Patriots over the six game stretch was as follows: Frei-42, Prigge-84, Johnson-48, Schlader-25, and Chmelik-6.  Wemhoff played an excellent defensive game throughout, but several shots taken at the basket failed to connect.
An interesting side note is that the girls champion St. Mark’s team led the Patriots 28 to 6 at halftime in their matchup, and were ahead 24-13 in their championship game with Sacred Heart.  In both games, subs for St. Marks played most of the second half, allowing Summit to actually tie them with 10 points each during that half, and allowing Sacred Heart to close within 4 at 30 to 26 in the championship game. 

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