Summit students make field trip
By Jeannie Goeckner
This past week, the first and second graders of Summit Academy took a field trip to visit two local businesses. Their first stop was the post office and then they ended their day with a visit to Rienerís Grocery.
Prior to their trip to the post office, Miss Ruane taught her grammar unit about letter writing. Each student secretly drew a name of a fellow classmate and wrote that person a letter. This challenged their skills as they learned how to address a letter and on their field trip, they mailed it. When the class arrived at the post office, they were given a tour. Their tour guide explained how the mail is sorted and how to know how much it costs to mail a package. At the end of the visit, each student received a coloring book and color crayons.
The next stop was Rienerís Grocery where the children learned the history of the store and how a business works. They were able to tour the store and understand how the shelves are stocked. Thanks to a couple of parents, each student was given one dollar to spend on an item of their choice. Everyone went home with a better concept of how businesses run and with a full stomach!

Mrs. Rehderís preschool class at Summit Academy celebrated their ď50thĒ day
of school on Thursday, March 9.  

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