3rd annual science fair held
by Lauren Wemhoff
The science fair proved to be a great success this year! All of the students, K-12th grade, displayed their projects in the gym for public viewing. Before the event, each teacher had to pick the top projects from his or her grade levels so they could be judged officially during the fair.  Approximately half of all these projects were chosen to be judged. 
At 6:00 pm that night, the judges came to view the chosen projects and vote for a winner from each category. The grades were split into 4 categories with 2 prizes per category, one for the most creative project and one for the best overall project. At 7:00 the gym was open for public viewing and all of the students stood by their projects to explain them as needed. The judges scores were added up and at 8:00 the winners were awarded with either a plaque or a ribbon. Congratulations to the winners:
11-12 grade most creative: Kelli Shears – Wind Turbine
                  overall winner: Maria Osborne – The Solar Oven
9-10  grade most creative: Zachary Frei – Rockets: How they work
                overall winner: Zachary Frei
6-8 grade most creative: Rachael Uhlenkott – Brain Barrier
                overall winner: Michael Rehder - Fingerprints 
3-5 grade most creative: Kayla Schumacher – Do plants grow towards light?
                overall winner: Tanna Schlader - Germs

Summit Science Fair winners are shown: back row from leftt: Zach Frei, Kelli Shears, Maria Osborne, Michael Rehder. Front row from left: Rachel Uhlenkott, Tanna Schlader, Kayla Schumacher.

Nicole Wemhoff with her Science Fair project.

Tanna Schlader explains her project to one of the judges, Fred Seubert. 

Summit 5th/6th graders conclude season
Summit Academy’s elementary school basketball season nears at end this week, with tournaments for both the boys and the girls’ teams highlighting action during the past couple of weeks.
The CV tourney with one game remaining after, at Nezperce, ended the season for the Patriot boys team, with 6th, 5th, and 4th graders totaling seven players.  Austin Chmelik, Derek Nuxoll, Michael Rehder, Josh Schlader, Dan Wemhoff, Matthew Schwartz, and David Knappert, managed four wins out of their fourteen games played, losing two tough matches at the CV tourney to CV and Kamiah and a season ending loss to Nezperce to close out their season.
On the girl’s side, fourteen Summit girls, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders, have split their 13 game season with 7 wins and 6 losses, all against 6th grade teams from other schools around the season.  Their seven wins included victories over Grangeville’s sixth twice, and a thrilling 28 to 27 win over the Lewiston AAU Hotshots in the CV tourney.  They also lost a close 25 to 26 game to CV 6th after losing to the same team in tourney action one week before by a score of 31 to 45.
The Summit girls’ team, 14 in all, included sixth graders Savanah Prigge, Brandee Seubert, Nicole Frei, Rachel Uhlenkott, Savannah Kuther, and fifth graders Courtney Schwartz, Tanna Schlader, and fourth graders Cassidy Stubbers, Brooke Schumacher, Megan Rehder, Rachael Frei, Sarah Chmelik, Sara Kuther, and Nicole Wemhoff.
Coach for the boys team this year was Jim Chmelik, with Felix Nuxoll, Kevin Rehder, and Shane Wemhoff assisting at times, while Shelley Schlader handled the girls most games with Julie Schumacher taking over on a couple of occasions.
Three games remain for the girls, against Nezperce and Prairie Elementary early this week and a final again against Prairie Elementary Thursday at Prairie’s gym.

Summit scholars maintain second place
A bit shorthanded, with only eight of the 12 normal team members on their two teams able to attend to attend, Summit Academy knowledge bowlers none-the-less not only held on to their second place league position, but actually increased their lead over third place Nezperce in Central Idaho Academic League competition held at Highland last week.
Chris Hattrup, Alyssa Frei, Cori Wemhoff, and Joseph Lustig managed a team score of 145, good for fourth place among individual teams for the evening, while Summit’s second team, Brandon Rehder, Lauren Wemhoff, Zach Frei, and Michael Hattrup recovered from a 30 venture question loss in the first round to finish fifth with a score of 130.  The combined Summit score of 275 fell fifteen points short of Grangeville’s top 290 school score, but edged CV’s 274 to leave the Patriots in second place for the evening.  Nezperce, which has been in a battle with Summit all year for second place finished back in fourth with their score of 240, allowing Summit to pick up two additional league points which determine standings.  With the nine points earned for their second place finish, Summit now holds down second place with a league score of 49 to the 59 accumulated by Grangeville, while Nezperce dropped back to a score of 46.
Prairie, CV, Highland, Orofino, and Timberline make up the remaining members of the league and are contesting for the fourth place position in the league.  Only two meets remain, at Orofino and at Summit to close out the current year, with Grangeville a clear leader in the battle for the league championship, a spot they lost out to the Patriots by one point last year.
Venture questions proved exceedingly difficult during the Highland match, with virtually every team missing and thus losing points on all three questions closing each round.  Consequently, school scores for the evening were among the lowest posted this year.
Meanwhile, Summit’s junior high entry in that division of the league finished 8th in their last competition, featuring nine junior highs around the area, CV being the site of the seventh match of the year.  With only five contestants able to attend, Josh Frei, Mary Shears, Tara Stubbers, Jenn Wemhoff, and Rachel Wemhoffs one team score, multiplied by 1.5 because of no second team present, leaves Summit in a battle for fifth place in the league.  Orofino, Nezperce, and Grangeville and Prairie hold down the top four spots in the standings, with the remaining five trailing by several league points.  One match only remains for the juniors, that at Nezperce April 17.

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