Summit scholars remain in second place
Shorthanded still because of the press of other activities, Summit maintained its slim second place lead over Nezperce in high school knowledge bowl action held at Orofino shortly before Easter.
Limited to four members each on teams normally featuring six students, the two Summit teams placed fourth and tenth in the group of 21 teams competing, with scores of 140 and 100 giving them a school score of 240, good for fourth in the eight school event.
Grangeville finished first for the evening with a school score of 411. C.V. finished second with their score of 296. Nezperce closed with a score of 256, to pick up one point on the Patriots in their battle for second spot in the league. With 10 points given to the winning school, 9 to the second, 8 to the third and so one, Summit remains alone in second place for the year with 56 points, while Nezperce closed the gap a bit to finish a close third with 54. Grangevilleís 69 total for the year guarantees them a first place finish with one meet to go, that to be at Summit in May. Other schools in the league, C.V., Highland, Prairie, Orofino and Timberline, follow in the league standings in the battle for fourth place.
Summitís junior high team, traveling to Nezperce for their final meet of the year, was narrowed down to three members only, the event being on the first Monday in Summitís Spring break. Several members of the team were out of town or otherwise unable to compete. The three, Mary Shears, Jenn Wemhoff and Rachel Wemhoff finished 10th of the 13 teams competing, with their final school standings at either 6th or 7th.

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