Cottonwood City Council meets
An agreement between Cottonwood Youth Sports and the Cottonwood City Council has been worked out and a lease agreement will be ready to sign by May 15.
Final details were discussed at a special meeting Monday, May 8, just prior to the May meeting of the Cottonwood City Council.
Scot Schlader of Cottonwood Youth Sports and Shelli Schumacher, Lands and Buildings commissioner for the council, worked out the details. The dialog got started over a year ago when the council decided they needed to get something put into writing so that future councils and Youth Sports boards know what was agreed upon. The lease agreement would be renewed annually.
Jay Hinterlong, a regular attendee of council meetings sat in on the sessions to offer a citizen’s point of view.
Schlader said they will be getting insurance for the players through Cal Ripken League which is a national organization covering basically the same age group as Little League.
The council also saw their concerns addressed by the Cottonwood Riding Club and the CRC’s lease with the city for the Arena property was finalized.
Hinterlong said he was interested in being the city’s representative to IdaLew Economic Development. Mayor Denis Duman said he would have Jeff Kutner get in touch with Hinterlong to let him know just what he’d be getting into. Duman also commented having Hinterlong as the city’s representative would open the lines of communication between the city and IdahLew.
In the police report, Terry Cochran informed the council that the second escapee was caught at Dillon, Mont. Mayor Duman commented that he felt NICI’s call system worked well. Anyone not on the calling list who wants to be should contact the prison. Their call system is an automated system that dials the numbers on the list and provides a pre-recorded message in the event of an escape.
There was no water report.
In the sewer report, Max Nuxoll was absent but Mayor Duman informed the council that he and Jack Duman met with Christy Frei and a representative of Rural Water about possible grant moneys to repair the city sewer lines. Nuxoll has been going through the 1982 sewer system study and is feeding the recommendations from that to Roy Uhlenkott who has been checking those things out. Mayor Duman said they hoped that the data from that study could help cut the pre-engineering work.
In the street report Jack Duman said he won’t know until at least May 15 on the sidewalk and mag chloride grant requests.
He reported the mag chloride class held April 27-28 was a big success as 43 persons from 20 different entities were in attendance. They hope to be able to get at least the more heavily traveled gravel streets treated in the manner taught in the class this year. It will be at least May 22 before any of that work gets started. Citizens on gravel streets who had dust abatement done in the past are in the process of being contacted about co-pay for the service. Anyone not contacted who would be interested is asked to call the city clerk’s office.
In the land and buildings report Schumacher informed the council that some trees were planted at the Riding Club Arena for Arbor Day. Trees were provided by an Arbor Day grant.
The Riding Club has also expressed interest in getting water to the arena and would split costs with the city.
She also reported that the high school construction class is working on some new benches for the city park.
Jack Duman reported that the Planning and Zoning Commission met this month. Items of discussion were requirements of the Universal Building Code and the Zone of Impact. Both items are being researched further.
Mayor Duman informed the council that he has appointed himself to serve on a solid waste commission made up of county and city representatives. 
Items the commission will look into include: collection, equitable costs, recycling, regional land fill, education of citizens, separation of waste, encouraging compliance, white goods and tires as well as other items that may come up.
Mayor Duman also informed the council about sewage pre-treatment. Their permit forbids dumping contaminated materials into the sewage treatment system. They will need to develop an ordinance requiring testing and pre-treatment. 
The council adjourned to an executive session at 7:50 p.m.
The next regular meeting will be Monday, June 12 at 7 p.m.

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