Hinterlong appointed to Cottonwood council
Jay Hinterlong of Cottonwood was appointed to fill a vacant position on the Cottonwood City Council at their regular June meeting Monday, June 12.
The vacancy came about when Bill Hill resigned his position last month. Hinterlong will assume Hill’s former position as water commissioner.
The council also approved advertising for a summer hire to help with mowing and other duties.
In the water report, Roy Uhlenkott reported there were several leaks last month that were fixed. This month everything has been doing well.
In the sewer report Max Nuxoll reported he talked with Tom Moore of the Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ) about the proposed new state regulations and what can be done. Apparently leak tests are going to be required for sewer lagoons but the cities have to pick up the cost of those required tests.
He also reported he and Uhlenkott have been discussing options on how to deal with a bug problem in the agriforest and ran their ideas past Moore for his input. If it will work they would like to try putting pesticide in the chlorine basin and spraying it into the agriforest through the sprinkler system. Their concern was contamination of the creek. Moore said it depends on the type of pesticide.
There is also concern about sump pumps and gutters than discharge directly into the sewer system. Nuxoll said when the sewer system was first set up back in the 1950’s this was encouraged to get enough water flow in the system. Anymore this isn’t necessary so he is asking citizens to be aware of where their sump pump and gutter water is going. If it is going into the sewer system they’ll need to get that changed. Those the city is already aware of will be receiving a letter to that effect.
Jack Duman reported that a lot of the gravel streets have been getting treated for dust abatement. Those that haven’t yet need some improvements made to them first.
He reported the West Camas Transportation coalition was approved for the mag chloride grant for 2009. They will be looking for a storage site.
The street sweeper grant was also approved. The problem is that money is approved for 2007 but with new emission standards going into effect the time to purchase is now as the truck the sweeper is mounted on will see drastic price increases. They are looking into some possibilities.
The sidewalk grant wasn’t approved but they were given some tips to improve their bid for next year’s cycle.
Hinterlong, who was approved as Cottonwood’s representative to the Ida-Lew Economic Development board last month gave a report on the last meeting. He said they introduced Gil Bates who is taking over as director for Shaun Maxey. Hinterlong reported they spent a lot of time discussing the railroad. The next Ida-Lew meeting will be Tuesday, June 27 at the Country Haus.
Shelli Schumacher reported the Chamber will be getting a grant  to build a metal statue of Ordway, the member of Lewis & Clark’s party that explored in this area. Schumacher thought the Centennial Garden might be a good site.
Mayor Denis Duman reported the fire department has worked an agreement with the county on a hazmat trailer. The Cottonwood Fire Department would get men trained for the equipment and have it available in the city and rural district and possibly outside the district. The fire department’s responsibility would be primarily containment until the hazmat experts arrive to do the cleanup.
The mayor also reported they’ve had firemen attend training sessions in Coeur d’Alene, Orofino and Moscow in recent weeks.
Mayor Duman reported the solid waste committee has met with several suggestions being discussed but nothing set as yet. Expect a price increase though.
The council adjourned at 8:15 p.m.
The next meeting will be Monday, July 10 at 7 p.m. 

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