Budget approved
The budget for the 2006-07 school year was approved at the June meeting of the school board Monday, June 19.
Fuel bids were opened. The district received bids from Primeland and from Coleman Oil (Nuxoll Shell). Primeland was the apparent low bidder but there was a question that needed to be answered before they could be awarded the bid. The board approved a conditional motion to approve Primeland’s bid. The difference between the two bids worked out to about $1,000 for a year’s worth of fuel.
The board approved a new pay scale for substitute bus drivers and certified and classified personnel that would give higher compensation in some cases than the 3% raise approved for all personnel.
Daniel Sigler was approved as a summer hire to help with mowing and other duties.
Extra-curricular assignments were discussed during an executive session. Those approved are:
High School: Athletic Director-Travis Mader; boys basketball head coach-Jerry Uhling; girls basketball head coach-Steve Wilson; football head coach-Travis Mader; football assistants-Ryan Hasselstrom and Ron Sigler; Track, boys and girls-Hasselstrom; track assistant-Ethan Remacle; Baseball head coach-Pat Holthaus; baseball assistant, Uhling; Softball head coach-Mader; Softball assistant-Wilson; Volleyball head coach-Jeff Martin; volleyball assistant-Vikki Duman; Volleyball C-Marlene Forsmann; Wrestling head coach-Steve Lamont; wrestling assistant coach-Dan Altman; Yearbook-Hasselstrom; Dance-Shelli Schumacher; Knowledge Bowl-Theresa Carter; Senior Class advisor-Carter; Junior class advisor-Sarah Remacle; Ind. Tech-Jerry Richardson; BPA-Hasselstrom. No assignments made yet for boys and girls JV basketball, band, choir and youth choir and cheer squad.
Middle School: Athletic director-Rene’ Forsmann; 8th grade girls basketball-Wilson; 8th grade boys basketball-Hasselstrom; 7th grade boys basketball-Martin; Football-Ken Mader; Football assistant-Travis Mader; Knowledge Bowl-Duman; Track-Andrea Brannan; Track assistant-Ethan Remacle; Volleyball-Martin; Volleyball assistant-Forsmann; Wrestling-Justin Nuxoll; Wrestling assistant-Ethan Remacle. 
Several positions at both the high school and middle school will be paid only if there are enough students who turn out for the sport.
Darcy James, candidate for state representative appeared before the board to introduce herself and share some of her philosophies on the issues.
In administrative reports Greg Diess reported they had a busy final week at the Elementary School. He also reported that the summer food program has been going well with 40-80 students being served each day. They’ve been getting higher attendance during the Vacation Bible School at the church and during the basketball camps.
Summer school has started with several Elementary and Middle School students attending. There weren’t enough Middle School students for a separate group so they’re all at the Elementary School.
He also reported they are working on computerizing the library.
Rene’ Forsmann reported they had a very good concert that was well attended.
She also reported they are working on summer projects. A group of boys tore out the old bleachers and loaded the boards up for he Consignment sale where they fetched about $1200. They took the metal down to Lewiston where it netted $189.
After the bleachers were removed inmate crews from NICI have been painting the gym before the new bleachers come in. They also painted the locker rooms and have moved on to the football fieldhouse.
She reported that the molding in the hallways has been replaced and they are looking to do some work on the steps in the hallway going to the office.
Dave Snodgrass reported that he has a big list of things for the inmate crews to do at the high school next week. They are going to start with sanding and refinishing most of the cabinets.
Della Gehring asked about the water problems at the gym. Snodgrass said they’ve been making out monthly reports for the engineer on just what is happening. He said it’s run the gamut of full to empty.
Stan Kress reported he attended the Idaho school administrators’ conference in Sun Valley. The hot topic of discussion there was the new vendor for the Idaho Standards and Achievement Test. Apparently the current vendor will administer the fall and winter ISATs with the new vendor taking over for the Spring testing. Since passing the ISAT is a state graduation requirement there were plenty of concerns about changing tests in midstream.
The next meeting of the board will be Monday, July 17 at 7 p.m. This will be the annual meeting.

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