Tentative budget approved for Cottonwood
The tentative budget for fiscal year 2006-2007 was passed at the August meeting of the Cottonwood City Council Monday, August 14.
A public hearing on the budget is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 5, at 7 p.m.
The council will be looking for a new member soon. Max Nuxoll will be moving outside the city limits and informed the council that September will be his last meeting. Anyone interested in the position should contact Mayor Denis Duman or City Clerk Carol Altman.
Ida-Lew’s new economic development specialist, Gil Bates, appeared before the council to introduce himself. He said they’d be seeing him around town as one of his directives is to meet business owners and find out their concerns.
In the water report Jay Hinterlong reported there was 7.7 millions gallons pumped in July with close to 1 million lost or unrecorded through meters. He reported there was some pipe problems fixed on Gilmore Street up behind the Kuther Building.
Nuxoll reported he’s been looking into alternatives to the agriforest and was wondering if they should fund a study to look into these and see if there’s a process that would be more cost effective than the agriforest. He stated this would be the time to do it as they’re coming up on time to remove the current trees and plant new ones.
Joe Wright commented that the goal with the agriforest was to avoid having to go to a sewage treatment plant and he feels that the agriforest has to be considered a success from that view. Costs of the agriforest are much less than what a treatment plant would’ve been.
Nuxoll would like the councilors to generate some questions for such a study – ideas or concerns.
Jack Duman reported they have been doing some patching on streets and some sidewalk replacement on Lewiston Street where the new Clark Hinkelman house is going in.
Things are also proceeding on purchase of the new sweeper.
Shelli Schumacher reported the park is ready for the Fair. She also reported 100 new chairs have been ordered for the Community Hall but as yet haven’t arrived.
Hinterlong reported that at the last Ida-Lew Economic Development meeting they mostly went over guidelines for Gil Bates. The next meeting is tentatively set for Ferdinand on Tuesday, August 29.
Mayor Denis Duman reported that the State Department of Transportation will be setting pins for the new street lights. They will start at the wooden pole at the south entrance of town and go as far as the pole in front of the Chronicle. With the brighter lights they’ll be using, only 11 poles will replace what’s currently there. Galvanized poles will be the first 3 from the south entrance with shiny aluminum poles used for the other 8. All the street light wiring will be put underground. This project is funded by the Highway Dept.
Some bad debts were written off by the council.
The council also approved a reduced rental rate for the downstairs room in the hall for a Bible study group that would like to use it once a week for several months.
The council adjourned at 8:40. The next regular meeting will be Monday, Sept. 11 with the annual Budget Hearing set for Tuesday, Sept. 5.

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