Bus Routes are approved
Bus routes for the 2006-07 school year were approved at the August meeting of the school board Monday, August 21, and are located below.
A couple of the routes are different from last year due to the fact they couldn’t find a bus driver to replace one who had resigned. One route was eliminated with two other routes picking up the slack.
Prior to the meeting the board members toured the district buildings. Della Gehring commented she was very impressed with all the work done this summer.
Kellie Bruner was sworn in for another term on the board. She was unable to attend that last meeting.
Joann Eldredge was approved for hire as the school nurse. Angie Ahlers and Joe Forsmann were also approved for hire as bus drivers and will split the Ferdinand route.
Extra-curricular hires were approved of Wendy Stauffer for band and music; Laurie Karel for Youth Choir; Colleen Sonnen and Sarah Remacle as junior class advisors and Colleen Sonnen and Cara Duman as Prairie League advisors.
They also had a resignation as LaDawn Kidd will be moving to Boise and has resigned as Drug-Free coordinator.
Superintendent Stan Kress reported that Congress has apparently approved one more year of the Craig-Wyden bill forest funds which would mean roughly $260,000 for the district. By law these funds can only be used for plant facility projects.
Governor Risch’s special session of the legislature was discussed. The special session is to discuss and most likely pass Risch’s proposal on cutting the maintenance and operation levy from property taxes and raising the sales tax to cover the difference. Kress reported he has sent a letter to the editor to area newspapers with what he thinks of the proposal. It appears in this week’s Chronicle.
Also discussed were the State Board of Education’s adoption of higher standards in math and science. They voted to raise the math and science requirements for graduation from 2 to 3 years each. They also directed that one of those 3 years of math must be taken during the senior year.
A new program that was tried out in limited fashion last Spring will be expanded throughout the district this year. Power School, a software program the district tried last year, allows for parental access to their students’ assignments, test results, lunch accounts and many other things, over the Internet. Parents would be provided a username and password for each student that would allow them access to their child’s records. Last year board members and teachers were allowed access to their children’s records. Board chairman John Nida commented that it’s a great program and he’s glad to see it expanded.
Kress presented a proposal for new lighting for the high school gym. The proposed system would make the gym brighter while also saving energy. The cost of installation figures to be about $6500-$7,000 and the new system would save just over $1000 per year at current electric rates. The board tabled any action to the next meeting.
In administrative reports Dave Snodgrass noted they may be down a few students from last year. The student handbooks are being readied with the minor changes previously approved by the board.
Renee’ Forsmann said she and two staff members attended a workshop in Wendell on Making Middle Grades Work. She also reported that the registration on August 15 went very well.
Greg Deiss reported that enrollment is up about 6 at this time with 11 new students and 5 that have moved out. They have done a lot of painting inside and outside.
He also reported that new Kindergarten teacher Katie Gilbert will be having a “meet the teacher” day with parents of her students this week.
Kress reported that he and Snodgrass attend the IHSAA Hall of Fame banquet where Kress’ brother was installed. He followed that by attending the state superintendents’ meeting.
The board adjourned to an executive session at 8:30 p.m. The next regular meeting will be Monday, September 18 at 7 p.m.

FERDINAND – Angie Ahlers, Joe Forsmann
Bus # 008
7:00 a.m.
Rick Dagleish, Mike Nau, Mike Duclos, Scott Schaeffer, Lonnie Schaeffer, Jeff Jackson, 
John Frei, Scott Kennedy, Ferdinand Town Children, Kevin Benton, Ken Ross, 
John Paul Frei, Dan Everson, David Frei.

COTTONWOOD – Sharon Johnson
Bus # 02-7
7:00 a.m.
Wally Williams, Pat McWilliams, Donald Trock, Jay Ross, Brendan Arnzen, Doug Lustig, Bob Lustig, Teel Bruner, Tim Dalgliesh, Mel Sonnen, Vic Lustig, Darrel Uhlorn, 
Alan Holthaus, Shawn Seubert, Darla Whitley.

GREENCREEK – Jerry Schumacher
Bus # 007
7:00 a.m.
Aaron Hinkelman, Ethan Remacle, Tom Sonnen, Jerry Schumacher, Steve Sonnen, 
Brad Higgins, Joe Baerlocher, Tony Schumacher, Roy Schumacher, Don Schumacher, 
Kevin Schmidt, John Schumacher, Ken Stubbers, Tom Schumacher, Phil Schmidt, 
Rusty Lorentz, Mike Vanderpas, Kris Shears, Mark Anderson, Greg Danly.

COTTONWOOD  – Becky Madden
Bus # 98-2
7:00 a.m.
Jerry Forsmann, Christy Renne’, Jesse Vanator, Jim Breugeman, Jeff VonBargen, 
Pat Uhlenkott, Scott Wasem, Dan VonBargen, Tim Seubert, Ken Seubert, Tad Tidwell,  
Brett Uhlenkott, Ryan Uhlenkott, Mike Kaschmitter, Dennis Rowland.

KEUTERVILLE –  Rick Johnson
Bus # 01-1
7:00 a.m.
Dave Duman, Ben Munger, Joe Ross, Judy Geis, Clint Mader, Gerry Gehring, Loretta Poxleitner, Naomi Laurino, Glenn Poxleitner, Ed Poxleitner, Keuterville Town Children, 
Tom Gehring, Roger Uptmor, Mark Geis, Jesse Geis, Ken Geis, Roy Uhlenkott, Colin Sprute, Tom Bower, Pat Long, Jack Duman, Cottonwood Town Children.

Bus # 004
7:00 a.m.
George Hager, Darcie Waller, Dave Enneking, Rick Johnson, Kent Tassel, Brian Gehring, Tim Gehring, Scott Jungert, Pat Enneking, Kent Rad, Joe Nuxoll, Scott Ross, Butch Spencer, Cottonwood Town Children.

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