Summit Academy Welcomes Staff and Students
Monday, August 28, staff and students were welcomed back as the doors opened for the new 2006 –2007 school year.  Old and new faces arrived excited and ready to begin a new year.  Making it even more special is the fact that these 105 students together with a staff of 14 will be celebrating Summit Academy’s 10th year anniversary!
The teaching staff includes several new individuals this year:  
· Susan Wassmuth, wife of Neil, lives in Craigmont.  They have two boys attending Summit this year.  She is teaching preschool. 
· Melissa Gerlach, from Spokane, is a graduate of Gonzaga University.  Her family is from Denver, Colorado.  She is currently teaching 1st and 2nd grade.
· Jenna Goeckner, daughter of Wayne and Joyce Goeckner, lives in Craigmont.  She has just recently graduated from LCSC and is teaching our 5th and 6th graders.
· Brenda Rehder from Cottonwood is currently finishing up her education degree from the University of Idaho by student teaching with us this semester.  She is helping out in the 7th and 8th grade room and with our Spanish program.
· Nicholas Hattrup is also from Cottonwood.  He graduated from Thomas Aquinas College and taught in Arizona before joining our staff.  He is now the 9th/10th homeroom teacher teaching several different subjects.
· Janel Pung is from North Dakota.  She graduated last December from the University of North Dakota.  She specialized in the sciences and is therefore teaching our Chemistry and Advanced Biology courses with a few math classes and others filling out her schedule.
· Carol Yalbuw has joined our staff part time.  She is married to Sam Yalbuw and their daughter Margaret attends Summit as a freshman this year.  They live in Grangeville.  She helps with the high school art class and with the 1st and 2nd math classes.
· Pat Gehring is also working with us part time.  She is from Cottonwood.  She is helping out with the art class in the high school.
As far as new students, we have nine.  They range from preschool all the way up to high school.  It looks as though we are going to have a great 10th year with all of the returnees, both faculty and students and the new people as well.    

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