Mystery Night, Another Huge Success
Our 9th annual mystery night, A Mexican Fiesta, took place last Saturday night, September 23 and again, was a huge success!  Food, drinks, prizes, and friendships were enjoyed by all.  Upon entering the hall, one might’ve thought they had landed themselves right in the middle of Mexico, the decorations were so authentic and very well done.  Side games were offered and Spanish language was heard periodically throughout the evening.The final three participants in the elimination drawing await the next name.
The night started with social hour at 6:00pm.  About 7:30pm Kevin Rehder got the elimination game started.  Unfortunately, Lacey Seubert was the first name of all 350 to be chosen.  However, the situation was not as unfortunate as she thought as she wound up receiving $100 for being the first one eliminated.  The names then began to roll as the tickets were picked one by one.  Every 10th name drawn was a prize winner.  Half way through, the raffle stopped temporarily.  The Number One ticket had been kept back to be raffled off to the highest bidder.  The lucky one would get their name on the ticket and it would then be put in the pot for its better chance to be the winner, now only 175 tickets remaining.  Roger Wemhoff was the high bidder and added to his chances of winning the grand prize!  The raffle then continued.  The tickets were eliminated from the pot and names were called off.  Finally we were ready for the final 10 to be announced and welcomed onto stage.
At this time, Mrs. Wemhoff came on stage to talk about the history of the school.  She talked about our 10th anniversary which we are celebrating this year and then introduced all of the faculty and staff.  Next, all enjoyed a 10th anniversary slideshow put together by Annette Wemhoff and Julie Schumacher.  Mr. Jim Schumacher then came on stage to start the live auction.  Fifteen items were auctioned off, the highest bid going to a freezer full of prepared casseroles and desserts donated by the 11th and 12th graders from last year.  
At last the names were drawn…Bettie Schumacher, Marcella Goeckner, Ralph Sprute, Rich Sprute, Jim Schumacher, Dave Goeckner, Kevin and Amber VanGunten, Dr. Pfaff, Stephen and Deena Goeckner, and  Pauline Schlader.  Skits were performed and, one by one, the contestants left stage, each one being awarded a prize.  The final two left on stage were Ralph Sprute and Jennie Goeckner, Dave Goeckner’s proxy.  Then the announcement came.  Ralph Sprute’s name was drawn so then eliminated therefore, Mr. Dave Goeckner became the 2006 Mystery Night Grand Prize winner!  He and his new wife Kerry will get to spend $10,000 at their choice of ten different stores.  Congratulations Dave and have fun spending!!

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