7th grade students looking at careers
What should I study?  How do I get a job?  Which occupations pay the most?  How can I get money for school?  Where are Web links to colleges and professional organizations?  Where should I go to school?  Where can I find out about different education options?  These are just a few of the questions kids start to ask as they enter junior high.  Josh Zigler, Nancy Uptmor and Justin Schmidt check out career opportunities on the computer.
With the help of Nancy Uptmor, junior high students have been introduced to the CIS program (Career Information System).  This program has students take a short interest test and from that information students get ideas on what types of interests they may have.  A Realistic interest~~like to work with their hands; Investigative~~enjoy math and science; Artistic~~Prefer free, unstructured situations; Social~~Like to work in groups; Enterprising~~Have verbal skills suited to selling, dominating and leading.  Seek leadership positions; and Conventional~~Prefer well ordered life and living conditions and are especially effective at well-structured tasks.
Next students explored the types of jobs that may fit into the interests types given.  
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