Second graders donate books to orphans
Mrs. Riggers' 2nd grade class collected 192 books to send to orphans in South Africa.  On Wednesday, the class counted the books collected and boxed them up, Mrs. Riggers' 2nd grade class shows the books they are donating to orphans in they could be mailed.  
Mrs. Riggers' daughter, Brenna, is a volunteer at Bethany Place of Safety.  Sister Mary Paule Tacke is the director of Bethany Place.  
Brenna traveled to South Africa in September and is planning on staying until May.  She works mainly with children ages 18 months to 4 years.  Brenna told her mother that they have a few books to read to the children, but none for the children to look at on their own.  When she told the second graders about the children, they donated books from home.  
Thank you so very much to the children, parents, and teachers who donated books.  A special thank you to those that contributed towards shipping. Brenna and the children will be excited to receive the books.  

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