Election is Tuesday
The General Election is next Tuesday, Nov. 7, with nearly all races on the ballot being contested plus several issues being voted on.
Sample ballots for the election are located inside this week’s paper.
Leading off the ballot is the race for First District U.S. Congressman. Five candidates are vying for the seat being vacated by Butch Otter. Republican Bill Sali and Democrat Larry Grant are the leading candidates with Andy Hedden-Nicely of the United Party, Paul Smith of the Constitution Party and independent Dave Olson also on the ballot.
In the race for Governor you have Republican Butch Otter facing Democrat Jerry Brady. Also on the ballot are Ted Dunlap of the Libertarian Party and Marvin Richardson of the Constitution party.
For Lieutenant Governor incumbent Republican Jim Risch (who currently is serving as Governor after Dirk Kempthorne was appointed to President George W. Bush’s Cabinet) faces challenger Larry LaRocco of the Democratic Party. Also on the ballot is William Charles Wellisch of the Constitution Party.
For State Controller Republican Donna M. Jones faces Democrat Jackie Groves Twilegar.
For State Treasurer Republican Ron G. Crane faces Democrat Howard C. Faux.
For Attorney General incumbent Republican Lawrence G. Wasden faces Democratic challenger Robert A. “Bob” Wallace.
For Superintendent of Public Instruction Democrat Jana L. Jones faces Republican Tom Luna.
Republican Ben Ysursa is unchallenged for Secretary of State.
All three Legislative District 8 offices are contested. For State Senate Republican Lee Heinrich faces Democrat Scott McLeod for the seat currently held by Skip Brandt.
Republican incumbent Ken Roberts again faces Democratic challenger Darcy James for State Representative Position A.
Republican incumbent Paul Shepherd faces Democratic challenger Charlene Douglas for State Representative Position B.
At the Idaho County level Democrat Richard Adams faces Republican John Schurbon for the First District County Commission seat currently held by Alice Matson.
Democratic incumbent Jim Rehder again faces Republican challenger Jim Chmelik for the Third District County Commission seat.
Democrat Ron Funke and Republican James Zehner are vying to replace longtime County Assessor Jim Beckman.
Republican Steve Frei and Democrat Phil Foster are vying for the County Coroner position.
Republican Rose Gehring and Democrat Sharon A. Cox are both unopposed for the positions of Clerk of the District Court and County Treasurer respectively.
Two Propositions are on the ballot Tuesday. 
Proposition One asks for an increase of 1% in the Sales Tax to be dedicated to K-12 public school funding that would take effect July 1, 2007. A yes vote would direct the legislature to increase the sales tax while a no vote leaves it unchanged.
Proposition Two is an initiative limiting eminent domain when used for economic development. According to the ballot a yes vote would expand the definition of eminent domain and provide further limitation on its use. A no vote would make no change to the current definition and use of eminent domain.
There are also two resolutions and an advisory vote on the ballot.
The advisory vote concerns the property tax reduction and sales tax increase passed in a special session of the legislature in August. A yes vote means you agree with the legislature’s action. A no vote says you don’t agree.
H.J.R. 2 is the so called Marriage Act. A yes vote means you want to amend the Idaho Constitution to provide that a marriage between a man and a woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state. A no vote means you don’t want to amend the Idaho Constitution in this manner.
S.J.R. 107 would create an Idaho Millennium Permanent Endowment Fund. This would take 80% of all moneys received after January 1, 2007 pursuant to the Master Settlement Agreement entered into between tobacco manufacturers and the state of Idaho. The other 20% would be deposited into the existing Millennium Fund. A yes vote directs the state to create this new fund. A no vote is against doing so.
Remember to vote Tuesday, Nov. 2. Polls are open between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

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