Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance for the first Quarter from Summit Academy
The Summit Academy students who achieved perfect attendance in the first quarter at Summit Academy enjoyed an afternoon of bowling at Prairie Imperial Bowl, Wednesday, November 29th.  The Honor Roll students are looking forward to their activity which will be happening soon. 
As far as perfect attendance went, approximately 50% of the student body achieved this goal.  Listed below are the grades and names of the students who were able to come to school each and every day of the first quarter.  The Kindergarteners were Mary Kuther, Kate Lustig, Kayla Rehder, Dylan Schumacher, Michael Schwartz, Luke Wassmuth, and  Theresa Wemhoff.  The 1st/2nd grade class attendees were Edward Gallaher, Nick Mager, Justin Wassmuth, Bridget Beckman, Thomas Gallaher, Lindsey Goeckner, Jacinta Kuther, Tyson Schlader, and Lucas Wemhoff.  The 3rd/4th graders achieving this goal were Lance Goeckner, Daniel Mager, Justin Schumacher, Thomas Schwartz, Kaitlin Stubbers, Nathan Beckman, and Kayla Schumacher.  Rachael Frei, Sarah Kuther, Megan Rehder, Tanna Schlader, Brooke Schumacher, Dan Wemhoff, and Nicole Wemhoff made it from the 5th/6th grade.  The 7th/8th grade had six students make it.  They were Nicole Frei, Rachel Wemhoff, Savannah Kuther, Michael Rehder, Courtney Schwartz, and Patrick Gallaher.  The high schoolers that made it were Margaret Yalbuw, Josh Frei, Jennifer Wemhoff and Mary Gallaher of the underclassmen.  The upperclassmen were Jacob Uhlenkott, Zach Frei, Annie Osborne, Will Schlader, David Spencer, Danielle Stubbers, Alyssa Frei, Emily Rehder, and Cori Wemhoff. 
The students who were able to achieve 93% or higher for an average grade point numbered 30.  Those students and their grades are as follows…
3rd/4th graders were Nathan Beckman, Joshua Lustig, Kayla Schumacher, and Megan Seubert.  The 5th/6th graders were Rachael Frei, Megan Rehder, Tanna Schlader, BrookeSchumacher, Matthew Schwartz, Cassidy Stubbers, Nicole Wemhoff, and Shane Stubbers.  The 7th/8th graders were Rachel Uhlenkott, Nicole Frei, Rachel Wemhoff, and Savanah Prigge.  The 9th/10th were Dylan Prigge, Margaret Yalbuw, Kim Frei, Michael Hattrup, and Joseph Lustig.  And for the 11th/12th we had Annie Osborne, Lauren Chmelik, Cori Wemhoff, Jacob Uhlenkott, Emily Rehder, Alexa Prigge, Amber Nuxoll, Jacquie Lustig, and Alyssa Frei. 

Summit scholars reclaim 3rd
Reduced numbers seem to be the key for Summit Academy's high school academic bowl team, as nine members traveled to Grangeville Monday night, short three for a full squad, but still had their best finish of the year to reclaim 3rd place in the league by themselves.
Senior Jacob Uhlenkott assisted by sophomores Chase Nuxoll, Joseph Lustig, and Mary Gallaher, and frosh Josh Frei battled for the lead all evening, but had to settle for second place at the end with their score of 213, topped only by a winning Grangeville team with 241. Not quite so successful, but still in the top half of the 24 team pack, seniors Amber Nuxoll and Alyssa Frei helped out by juniors Fran Gallaher and David Spencer finished with 130 points to give Summit a school score of 343 for the evening, good enough for second place for the evening.
Grangeville finished first for the third straight time this year, further cementing their hold on the top spot in the league, but Summit pulled away from Orofino who had tied them for third at the last meet, and pulled within a point of overtaking Nezperce who finished close behind with a school score of 335.
Official results will become available later this week, but the standings now show Grangeville in first with a league total of 30, Nezperce second with 23 and Summit close behind with 22.

Summit releases high school honor roll
Delayed a bit by oversight, Summit Academy released its first quarter honor roll this week, featuring five students who managed to finish the quarter with perfect 4.00 point, or straight A averages.
Heading the list were seniors Amber Nuxoll, Alexa Prigge, and Emily Rehder, with junior Lauren Chmelik and soph Kim Frei also earning the honor.
Finishing with grade points at 3.75 or better were seniors Alyssa Frei, Jacob Uhlenkott, and Cori Wemhoff. Anna Osborne, junior, and Joseph Lustig, a sophomore also made Summit's high honor list.
Rounding out the quarter's best efforts with honor roll status based on grade averages of3.5 to 3.74 were Jacquie Lustig, senior, Michael Hattrup, soph, and frosh Dylan Prigge and Margaret Yalbuw.

8-9-at New Meadows Tournament
14-at Lapwai, JV, 6 p.m., V 7:30
15-Prairie Tournament, vs. Sitka at PHS, 6:30
16-Prairie Tournament, vs. Kendrick at PHS, 3:30
29-30-at Culdesac Tournament
6-Highland at PHS, 6 p.m.
9-at Salmon River, V only 7:30
12-at NICS JV at 6, V to follow
13-at Logos, JV at 6, V to follow
15-Lapwai here, JV-V
23-Pullman Christian, here, JV-V
31-at Highland, JV-V
1-3-at Logos Tournament

12-at Kamiah, JV-V
15-Prairie Tourn. Vs. Sitka at PMS, 5 p.m.
16-Prairie Tourn. Vs. Kendrick at PHS, 2 p.m.
19-vs. Lewis County at Nezperce, JV-V
29-30-at Culdesac Tournament
5-Kamiah, here, JV-V
9-at Salmon River, V only, 6 p.m.
12-at NICS, JV 3, V to follow
13-at Logos, JV at 2, V to follow
16-at Timberline, JV at 6, V to follow
23-Pullman Christian here, V only
1-3-at Logos Tournament

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