9 out for wrestling this year
There are currently 9 wrestlers turned out for the PHS wrestling team with a possibility of 3 more by the end of the week.
The team is led by senior Tony Duman.
Jake Wimer returns as a junior with Ron George as the only other junior on the team.
Returning sophomores are Ronnie Chandler and Chance Ratcliff. 
Freshmen are Tyrell Langston, Andrew Ingram, Brandon Poxleitner and Jack George.
Even with just 9 out, Prairie could have one of the larger squads this year. Lamont expects Kamiah to be loaded, especially with 2 returning state champions, but Grangeville has only 7 turned out and C.V. just 3. 
Prairie gets to host the district tournament this year, which will be Feb. 17.
Duman, Ratcliff and Chandler all qualified for state last year with Wimer just missing out at district.
Prairieís lone medallist at state last year, James Jackson, hasnít turned out as of yet this year. Lamont hopes he, and a couple of others will join the team this season.
The team saw action this past Saturday at Grangeville in the annual Take-Down Tournament. It was not on the schedule as it was a last minute thing as to who would host it, or if they would even have it.
Their first meet will be next Tuesday, Dec. 12 at Potlatch with the Grab Bag Invitational set for Pullman on Dec. 16.
The full schedule is below:

12-Potlatch, there, 6 p.m.
16-Grab Bag Invitational, Pullman
30-Pomeroy Invitational
  5 & 6-Kamiah Invitational
11-Kamiah, there, 6 p.m.
12 & 13-Orofino Invitational
18-Orofino, there, 6 p.m.
25-Grangeville, there, 6 p.m.
26 & 27-Kellogg Tournament
  1-Orofino-Grangeville-Kamiah-Potlatch, here, 6 p.m.
  6-Orofino, there, 6 p.m.
17-Districts, here
22-24-State at Pocatello

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