Cottonwood City Council meets
A record low leakage was reported by the water department at the Cottonwood City Council meeting Monday, Dec. 11.
Water commissioner Jay Hinterlong said they had just 184,000 gallons unaccounted for out of 2.5 million gallons pumped, about 7% loss. Hinterlong also reported that the last several water tests have been coming back clean.
A request by Jack Wimer to vacate an alley was granted as there are no utilities in that alley. The council decided to vacate the alley between North and Smith Sts. all the way from East St. to King St. Wimer submitted the request as he wants to add on to his house and the addition would go into the platted alley.
In the sewer report Jim Steinke reported effluent is being discharged into the creek per their permit but they can’t really tell how much because it’s been frozen over. They also had a glitch in the telemetry which has been fixed.
In the street report Jack Duman reported they have sent in the grant application for Broadway. They also learned that a “Safe Routes to School” program is opening up and they will look at applying for a grant to put in a 10-foot sidewalk from the homeplate corner of the baseball field all the way to Foster along East St. A 10-foot sidewalk would allow both pedestrians and bicycles to use the sidewalk. He said he has asked Joe Forsmann to write the grant as Forsmann has had tremendous success getting grants for the highway district consortium.
Mayor Denis Duman reported 5 firemen attended hazmat training recently in Grangeville and all received certification.
Jack Duman reported the Planning & Zoning Commission had some concerns about the impact zone, specifically how much of an increase could the sewer system stand if a subdivision was put in outside the city limits that then wanted to be annexed to get city services. He said he’s seeing what’s happening at Grangeville and could see that happening here too.
City Attorney Joe Wright said P & Z is a good place to start looking into this. One thing you need to be aware of is if you extend an area of impact beyond the city limits then you have a lot more interaction with the county. If you change zoning and want it to affect the impact area, you have to have the county approve it.
The council authorized Mayor Duman to sign the paperwork on the conditional use permit applied for by Summer Emmert to have a law office in a residential area.
Sledding on city streets was discussed. Mayor Duman said it would be allowed only on Madison Street, when it is closed. Jack Duman reported he is locating barricades for that purpose. Mayor Duman said sledding would be discouraged on any other city streets for safety concerns.
Joe Didier filed a request to exempt the former Agnew House property from city water and sewer charges since the house has burned down. The council voted to grant the request. The water meter had already been removed.
Mayor Duman reported that he attended the Brightest Star Award ceremony where Erin Shears was one of 61 individuals nominated statewide for the award.
The council adjourned at 8 p.m. The next regular meeting will be Monday, January 8, 2007, at 7 p.m.


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