911 Poetry
For several weeks, the junior English classes at Prairie High School read and reflected on the events of 9/11.  Beginning with poetry, the students analyzed others’ thoughts and point of view.  Then, they read the novel, Last Man Down by Richard Piccioto, which is a powerful account from the perspective of a New York firefighter, who was trapped in the World Trade Center collapse.  To finish the 9/11 unit, students had to construct headline poetry.  They used portions of headlines to create reflective poems about 9/11.  Not only did they have to write from a specific point of view, they had to focus on eye appeal to make the poem like artwork.  The poems turned out well, and the students demonstrated their creativity in this project.  Enjoy these examples.

All the Headline Poetry projects on the wall in Mrs. Remacle's room at the high school.

Poem by Alex Richardson
American life
exploded in madness
sudden evil in the air.
Stunned faces discover horrifying scenes,
watching the twins graphic fall,
New York in a frenzy.
A memory forever.

Poem by Tiffany Schaeffer
Golden sunshine!
Live large, no shortage of possibilities
Love every day
3, 2, 1 BLOWOUT!
in a flash
fires flattens building
chaos shock decisions
fighting Americans
lifesavers heroes
Be thankful for 
one day

Poem by Christa Wilson
Unplanned death make
stories tough to track…
no clear answers
surprising darkness
take a second
chance at life
rethink your actions
Live happy. 

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