PHS students build Christmas presents
This year the two Fundamentals of Technology classes and the Construction class were busy making gifts for pre school children, the shelter home residents, long term care patients at St. Mary's Hospital, and for care packages for St. Mary's Hospital.  
The Fundamentals class learned about manufacturing items, use and safety of power tools in the wood lab, patience, and the benefit and joy of giving to others.  
The Construction class as well as other classes and individuals in the program helped out tremondously in the building of the items that were distributed.  
Materials that had to be purchased were paid for by the TSA club, from the sale of items that we manufacture.  These items may be purchased at The Hangout and
at Hoots Cafe, or by calling the high school.  Dimensional materials were donated by Hoots Cafe, Bill Shuck, Bennetts Forest Industries, and a few annonymous donors.  Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Students are shown with their finished projects. For identifications see home page.

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