2006, the year in review
(Continued from last week)
September saw an increase in water and sewer rates by the city.
Shandrie Poxleitner and J.D. Riener are king and queen for the football homecoming game Friday.
The Idaho Department of Transportation replaces street light poles on Main and King Streets.
Katie L. Holthaus to Waylor C. Blevins to wed Nov. 4 at St. Mary’s Church in Cottonwood.
Dennis Rowland and Helen Klapprich wed Aug 26th.
Ellen Jane Nuxoll married Michael Vance Crabtree July 22, McMinniville, Oregon
Kimberly Rose Riener and Seth Anthony “Pepper” Harman married June 10 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church.
Carter Joseph Chicane born Aug. 22 to Ryan Chicane and Brittney Behler.
Noah George Geis born Aug. 18 to Keven and Trina Geis.
Mary Virginia Hoffman, 79, died June 30 in Lynnwood, Wash.
Fr. Robert Waldmann, 86, died Sept. 3 at St. Mary’s Hospital.  He recently celebrated his 60th anniversary as a priest.
Richard W. Beckman, 77, died Sept. 8 at Coeur d’Alene after a brief fight with cancer.
Dominic Lee Darnell, infant, Sept. 7.  Parents Julie Nuxoll and Kamron Darnell.  
The Lady Pirated defeat Highland and lose to Kamiah in play recently.
Laura Gehring and Jessica Gehring are student of the month for September.
Ali Hoene and Kylie Tidwell are attendance winners at the elementary school.
Oct. 15 saw a fire at an apartment house on Bash Street belonging to Joe Didier. House was destroyed in the fire.
Clinton Riener and Vikki Duman to wed Nov. 11 at St Mary’s Church.
Warren Hubert O’Malley born Sept. 16 in Nampa to Rob and Molly O’Malley.
Natalie Ann Goeckner born Sept. 19 to Stephen and Deanna Goeckner.
Jack Riley Forester born Sept. 12 in Australia to Margaret and Stephrn Forester.
James A. Erlandson, 97, died in Sun City West, AZ., Sept. 5th. 
Audrey A. Nuxoll, 72, died Sept. 3 in Chester, Mont.
Ralph J. Schaeffer, 78, died Sept. 29 in Boise.
Evelyn Sarbacher, 85, died Oct. 2 in Grangeville.
Nellie Mathews, 90, died Oct. 19 in Boise.
Helen R. (Sprute) Weiand, 85,  died Oct. 6.
Gerald J. Rohwein, 72, died Oct. 17 during a trip to the northwest. He died while in Eagle, Id.
Martha H. Rieman celebrated her 80th with family.
Edna Ruhoff celebrated her 80th birthday with an open house hosted by her children.
The first Tuesday in November saw general elections with mixed results after many ads and much letter writing.
The Food Exhibit from the Smithsonian came to the Spirit Center at St. Gertrude’s starting De. 2.
Ashley Nuxoll and Ariel Whitley are students for the month of October.
Halloween was cold but the children just kept on coming.  Most were in costume and the younger ones with a parent.
Gus Hoene is appointed to the Cottonwood City Council to complete the term of Bill Hill, who resigned.
Alex Richardson and Samantha Johnson are students of the month for November.
Snow came to the area right after Thanksgiving setting up dreams of skiing and snowmobiles. 
Cody R. Black to Kristine M. Frei to wed Jan. 6 at St. Anthony’s Church in Greencreek. 
Maureen Alicia Way and Kyle Ray Hutchinson married July 20 at St. Mary’s Church.
Aleana Elsie Reichlin married Michael Allan Lockart June 17 at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Keuterville.
Anna Cathleen Stubbers married Gerald Paul DeBlois, Jr. Sept. 2 in Beaverton, Oregon.
Rick Meacham, 53, died Oct. 29 in Coeur d’Alene, ID.
Gary R. Schumacher, 49, died Oct. 28.
Donald J. Braun, 39, died Nov. 3 in a motorcycle accident.
Hermina F. Remacle, 93, died Nov. 10 at St. Mary’s Hospital.
Loren “Lonnie” H. Alfrey, 54, died Nov. 10.
Dale B. “Popeye” Uhlenkott, 70 died Nov. 7 in his home in Lewiston
Louis Schmidt celebrates his 90th with a reception following 8 am. Mass Sunday, Nov. 12.
Ski Area opens Dec. 3.
Riley Poxleitner and Victor Schmidt are winning attendance students at the Elementary School. 
The Pirates won a double OT and then lost a 5 OT game.  The win was with Nezperce 73-78 and the loss was with Kamiah 76-80.
Ladd Arnoti authors a book about the second world war titled “Darkness of War, Dawn of Hope”
Jodi Elizabeth Kaschmitter and Alan Holthaus married Sept. 2 at St. Mary’s Church.
Nicholas Uhlenkott and Lacey Seubert to wed Jan. 20, 2007 at Holy Cross Church.
Nellie Larson, 95, died Dec. 9.
Claudine Uhlenkott, 91, died Dec 3 at Clarkston.
Wilfred Albert Mader, 75, died Dec. 13th.  He spent his life in the Cottonwood Area except for 2 years of military service.
Tony Mongerieno, 81, dies Dec. 4th.
Donald Coy, 68, died with funeral service held Dec. 19 in Coeur d’Alene.
Eli Andrew Goeckner born Sept. 18 to parents, William and Lynn Goeckner.
Madalyn Belle Green born Nov. 27 to parents Joe and Jemmye Green.
Rachel Marie Sonnen born Dec. 3 to parents, Norm and Julie Sonnen.
Hilda Wassmuth celebrates her 90th birthday Dec. 12th.

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