4 shoot perfect 25's
In the third week of competition for the Camas Prairie Trapshooting Association Ten week shoot, Cottonwood Gun Club was one target short of a perfect 75. Forty nine shooters turned out to shoot. Mike Long, Jack Fischer, Rod Sheets and Ralph Terhaar shot 25 straights with Andy Uhlorn, Scott Jungert, Andy Terhaar, John Kaschmitter, Rod Behler, Ben Schuster and Dale Hemerick 1 target short with 24ís. This gave the club a score of 74.40 and a Three week total of 223.81 Kamiah still leads the shoot with three 75 straights for a score of 225. Nezperce and Grangeville are tied at 223.98. The junior team shot a score of 65 lead by Robby Gilmore 23, Ashley Schaeffer 22, and Derek Schaeffer and Brain Gilmore with 20ís. 
 AA Class: Mike Long 25, Rod Sheets 25, Ralph Terhaar 25, Scott Jungert 24, Andy Uhlorn 24. A Class: Jack Fischer 25, Andy Terhaar 24, Rod Behler 24, John Kaschmitter 24. B Class: Pepper Harman 23. Butch Spencer 23, Ashley Schaeffer 22.
C Class: Ben Schuster 24, Shawn Kaschmitter 23. D Class: Susan Schaeffer 20, Derek Schaeffer 20 Joe Lustig 19, Joe Poxleitner 19. New Shooter Adult: Dale Hemerick24, Paul Gilmore 22.  New Shooter junior: Robby Gilmore 23, Brain Gilmore 20.Junior shooters Ashley Schaeffer 22 Robby Gilmore 23. Ladies Class Ashley Schaeffer 22, Roz Long 20 Susan Schaeffer 20.   
 Handicap: long yardage Mike Long 22, Rod Sheets 20 Medium yardage Brad Fischer 24, Rod Behler 22. Short yardage: Seth Dean 23, Ben Schuster 22, Andy Terhaar 22, Butch Spencer 22, Greg Danly 22 
 Doubles: Andy Terhaar 48 Rod Sheets 48, Scott Jungert 47 
 Continentals: Andy Terhaar 24, Rod Behler 22, Ralph Terhaar 22, Scott Jungert 22.  There will be a potluck dinner starting at 3pm for the Super Bowl. The Club house will be open at 10am and shooting will start as soon as a squad is ready. Chrisí No Bitchin Kitchen will be serving Breakfast and Lunch until time for the potluck. 

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