Cottonwood City Council meets
It was reported at the March meeting of the Cottonwood City Council that the prep work for the new public works building for the city of Cottonwood is progressing and that the building itself should arrive in the next few days.
The building is a pre-fabricated style building with the pieces to arrive for assembly. 
Mayor Denis Duman reported he is getting the engineering plans sent to the building inspector and once a permit is approved they will call for bids for the concrete for the foundation.
Scot and Shelley Schlader were present representing Cottonwood Youth Sports. They said for the most part the agreement reached with the city on the youth ballfields has been going well but that they feel some of it needs to be revisited. They felt year-round water bills for something they use only a couple months of the year was excessive. Water is billed for the concession stand only as the field watering is a separate system fed by the old well #3.
Mayor Duman said the city would be willing to negotiate now that they’ve had a year to see just what the expenses are going to be. Land and Buildings commissioner Shelli Schumacher said she’d like to work with them to get something ready to present to the council at the April meeting.
Bill Farmer was present representing the North Idaho Correctional Institute. He said they want to have the prison work crews doing community service work and asked the city to work out some dates they would like to have the crews. He said they are looking at having crews of 8 available. Mayor Duman said they will be asking for them to help with spring sidewalk cleanup and other tasks.
In the police report left by police chief Terry Cochran, who is currently serving his Army Reserve duty, it was reported the new police vehicle should be here soon.
Cochran reported he is looking at holding a mass casualty drill at the Fairgrounds sometime in May.
While Cochran is gone the Idaho County Sheriff’s Dept., Idaho State Police and NICI have been helping fill in on the city’s police duties.
Jay Hinterlong reported they had no new leakage problems in the city’s water system in the past month. A Division of Environmental Quality water test at the Elementary School on March 7 showed good results.
He also reported a well inspection by Anitec showed good test results at all the city wells. Mayor Duman asked Hinterlong to check into who authorized the Anitec testing as it came as a surprise to both Hinterlong and city public works superintendent Roy Uhlenkott.
Jim Steinke reported a man from WSU was here to check out the agriforest and they are awaiting his recommendations on what can be done with it.
Hinterlong reported that the IdaLew Economic Development Council had an informative meeting at Nezperce in February. He said they seem to be doing more with new coordinator Gil Bates. He reported the North Idaho Manufacturing Association is looking at helping small business entrepreneurs bring their ideas for new products into reality.
He also said IdaLew is stressing schooling as there is a perpetual shortage of skilled machinists, woodworkers, welders, etc.
John G. Mager was present to ask the city’s input on a property problem. He is looking at refinancing his home and the lots to the north that he recently purchased. Part of the refinancing requirement was a survey and the GPS survey didn’t match the currently accepted property lines. And they were far enough off that it could affect his neighbors’ property too. City attorney Joe Wright suggested Mager get together with his own lawyer to determine how to proceed. Wright just recently went through a similar situation in Harpster in his private practice.
The council adjourned at 8:30 p.m. The next meeting of the council will be Monday, April 9 at 7 p.m.

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