Cottonwood Fire Department to celebrate 100 years
This year marks the 100 year anniversary of the Cottonwood Fire Department.  As a public service, we will be sharing excerpts from the official meetings of the Department each week in the Chronicle.  Later this summer, we will be having a celebration to mark our birthday.
Cottonwood, Idaho, July 11th 1907
Pursuant to a call that had been issued, for a meeting of the citizens of Cottonwood, to effect an organization to guard against and put out fires and for all such purposes, the citizens assembled in the Cottonwood Hardware and Implement Coís Building and a temporary organization was effected by the election of M.M. See, as chairman, and J.M. Wolbert as Secretary whereupon the following business was had:
On call of the Chairman the citizens were asked to and did sign the roll of membership, as follows, to wit:
J.V. Baker; E.M.Ehrhardt; Clyde McGinitie; Fred McKinney;H.C. Matthiessen; S.C. Kurdy; R.A. McKinney; J.O. Short; C.T. Staal; A.J. Barth; E. Michael; John Schoebert; Walter Reed; J.T. Hale; V.M. Dixon; Harry Libby; Will Simon; Leo C. Funke; Jim Broker; Willard Bunnell; J.M. Wolbert; M.M. Belknap.
All who cared to, of those being present, having signed the Roll, and the nominations for officers being in order, the following were placed for nomination and duly elected, there being no opposition, to wit:
For Chief-----------------------------------------------Fred McKinney
Assít Chief---------------------------------------------M.M. Belknap
Chief Engineer-----------------------------------------J.V. Baker
Assít Engineer----------------------------------------Roy McKinney
Capít Hook and Ladder------------------------------J.O. Short
For Secretary and Treasurer-----------------------H.C. Matthiessen
At this time the permanent organization having been perfected the temporary officers called the permanent officers to their places, and the goodness of the regular order taken up with the following result:
On motion, a committee of three was appointed by the Chief, to draw up a Constitution and By-Laws, whereupon the Chief appointed W.M. Schilling, W.L. Farnsworth and C.T. Staal, as such Committee.
On Motion: That the regular meetings shall be fixed at a subsequent meeting, Motion Prevailed.
Meeting adjourned subject to call of the Chief.
                                                                       H.C. Matthiessen, Secretary.

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