Biking the Butte
Summit Academy students came out in full force Saturday, May 12 to challenge themselves to bike to the top of the butte.  The students are currently trying to raise as much money for their school as they can.  They have all been sending out pledges for their bike-a-thon to accomplish the “50 State Challenge.”  Our goal this year as a student body is to try and get a pledge from every state in the country.  Slowly but surely, our U.S. map in the hallway is filling up state by state with pledges coming in.  We would also like to break over the top of our $$ goal!!!!  Our current amount is slowly but steadily increasing as well. 
The students did complete their biking miles.  It was amazing how well they did.  Their endurance down through the youngest students was a great example to the adults that got to witness their stamina!  Pre-K through 2nd graders biked laps around the St. Mary’s church parking lot as well as participating in other activities to break up the day.  The 3rd through 6th grade students started at Summit and biked up towards the butte, to Rehder hill where they stopped, took in a hike, then prayed the rosary at a Mary grotto.  After this they biked back down the hill and met the rest of the students at the school.
While these students were biking, the 7th through 12th grade students joined them, however, instead of stopping at Rehder hill, they continued on up the butte road biking all the way to the bottom of the ski hill.  When they all arrived they got off their bikes and hiked up to the top of the ski hill, praying a rosary at the top.  They then made their way back down the mountain, joining everyone back at the school.  
Next, a barbeque/potluck was enjoyed by all students and their families at the school.  Then at 7:00pm, the bonfire was started!  The blaze was awesome.  A couple of hours later, the evening closed.  It was a great day had by all! 
If you have not yet received a pledge sheet from one of the students here at Summit and would like to donate to their bike-a-thon, “50 State Challenge” cause, either contact one of the Summit students or send your donation directly to the school and mark on it “bike-a-thon pledge.”  


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