Summit to graduate 7 on Friday
Summit Academy will have their largest graduating class yet when 7 seniors go through commencement ceremonies this Friday, June 1.
Valedictorian Amber Nuxoll and Salutatorian Jacob Uhlenkott will lead the class.
Ceremonies will start with a baccalaureate mass at St. Mary’s Catholic Church at 5 p.m. Once that concludes they’ll move to the Summit Academy gym for the rest of commencement which is set to start at 7 p.m.
Graduating along with the above two are Alyssa Frei, Jacquie Lustig, Alexa Prigge, Emily Rehder and Cori Wemhoff.

Congratulations Graduates
Friday, May 25, the Kindergarteners and 8th graders graduated from Summit Academy.  The students processed in together, one 8th grader with two kindergarteners.  The 8th graders then took a front seat in the audience while the kindergarteners headed up onto the stage.  
Kayla Rehder and Dylan Schumacher opened the ceremonies with a prayer. Then, in groups of three, they recited poems they had learned during the course of the year.  Following the poems, each student came to the microphone to share with the audience what their favorite thing is about school.  Comments such as “Math”, “The library with Mrs. Wren”, and “Learning about God” were a few of the responses.    Mrs. Rehder followed with a short commentary about her class.  She then ended her talk with her students presenting some gifts to their parents.  The most unique gift was a photo album Mrs. Rehder had made for each one of the students, highlighting their activities through the year.   A slide show followed, put together by senior, Jacquie Lustig.  Mrs. Wemhoff concluded the ceremonies by handing out their diplomas and giving them each a gift from the school.
The kindergarteners then took a seat in the audience while the 8th graders processed up onto stage.  The first order of business was a game put on by fellow classmates, the 7th graders.  They divided the audience into two large teams and played “Who Wants to be a Highschooler?”  Each question asked was about a moment in the life of one of the 8th graders on stage.  The audience then had to guess which 8th grader the event was talking about.  It was a humorous and enlightening activity.  Miss Rehder and Mrs. Schumacher then gave some comments to the class.  Miss Rehder picked a virtue exemplified by each 8th grader.  David Johnson was chosen as most generous – his helpful attitude always and his willingness to help out no matter what the chore was noted.  Rachel Wemhoff was the most charitable.  Her giving of herself at all times – sacrificing a lot without it even being noticed (so she thinks!!) was what Miss Rehder recognized in her.  Vickie Schlader was most joyful.  Her smile and laughter follows her everywhere and so she spreads joy to those around her.  Jamie Chmelik was given the gentle hearted award!  Miss Rehder commented on her gentleness to her classmates but more so to the small kids and even the toddlers and infants.  She always has a willing hand for them.  We then watched a slide show put together by the 7th graders.  The 8th graders followed up with sharing a quote each had picked out and then explained why they had chosen that particular one.  The ceremony ended with Mrs. Wemhoff handing out diplomas and gifts to each student.
The day ended with refreshments and graduates getting their hats signed!  Congratulations graduates!!

7th – 12th Grade Public Class
Last Wednesday evening at Summit Academy, May 23, the 7th – 12th graders impressed the audience by displaying the knowledge they have received this school year.  One teacher after another came to the podium with loads of questions from every subject, while two by two, the students came to the microphone to answer each one of those questions.  
The 7th and 8th graders started off the evening.  The class was split into two teams and competed question by question to see which team could remember the most information taught during the school year.  Members of Team #1 of the 7th and 8th grade class were declared the winners at the end of their thirty minute competition.  Congratulations to Rachel Wemhoff, Nicole Frei, Courtney Schwartz, Austin Chmelik, David Johnson, Shawn Seubert, and Josh Schlader!  
Next on the agenda was Jacob Uhlenkott.  He spent six weeks this past semester as a page for Ken Roberts down in Boise.  He showed a Power Point presentation and shared his experiences working as a page.
The 9th and 10th graders were next on stage with the same style of competition.  Again, members of Team #1 were victorious.  So to Michael Hattrup, Joseph Lustig, Dylan Prigge, Chase Nuxoll, and Tara Stubbers, congratulations!
Jacquie Lustig was next up.  She recently placed third in the state in the Voice of Democracy speech contest.  She gave her speech to the audience.  She talked about freedom, and the responsibility we have in using our freedom correctly.  She talked about changing the course of history – not about whether we will or not, because we will – but rather, how will we change history???  For the better or for the worse???  
Last up were the 11th and 12th graders.  Members of Team #1 again came out on top.  The winners were Amber Nuxoll, Emily Rehder, Cori Wemhoff, Annie Osborne, Lauren Chmelik, Zach Frei, and David Spencer.  
The evening concluded with refreshments and socializing.  All of the students did an excellent job, whether winning or losing.  All were very impressed.

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