Summit recaps graduation
Friday, June 3, seven Summit seniors graduated in front of a packed house.  The afternoon activities began with a baccalaureate Mass at St. Mary’s Church at 5:30.  Fr. Meinrad was the main celebrant with Fr. Sans concelebrating.  The graduates processed in holding candles signifying the light of Christ and then took their places.  An extra candle was amidst these seven to represent all those who could not graduate this year due to abortions.  Amber Nuxoll and Jacob Uhlenkott read the first reading and the responsorial psalm.  Cori Wemhoff, Jacquie Lustig, and Alyssa Frei read the petitions.  Emily Rehder and Alexa Prigge brought up the gifts.  The Mass then ended…Valedictorian Amber Nuxoll
All the people then proceeded up to Summit Academy’s gymnasium for the graduation ceremony.  At 7:00 Pomp and Circumstance began as the students, one by one, marched onto the stage.  Fr. Meinrad began the ceremony with a prayer followed by Natalie Wren, a relative of two of the seniors, singing the National Anthem.  Our salutatorian, Jacob Uhlenkott, was then introduced by Mrs. Wemhoff and proceeded to the podium.  Before he began, surprises were shared.  First of all, he thanked his classmates, which happened to be all girls, by presenting each one of them with a rose.  Next he had Cori Wemhoff come to the mic to reveal the next surprise.  The seniors had chosen to honor Mr. and Mrs. Wemhoff with a 10th Anniversary scrapbook put together by them. Jacob then gave his speech.  Following this, Jacquie Lustig played a piece on the piano, “All of Me.”  Our valedictorian, Amber Nuxoll then came to the podium to deliver her speech.  Before beginning, she presented with the rest of the girls, a surprise to Jacob, the only boy in the class.  They gave him a framed picture of their class.  After this, she gave her speech.  Jacob Uhlenkott then played a music selection written by himself titled, “Remember.”
Mr. Jerry Wren and Mrs. Annette Wemhoff then gave out the awards.  The first awards given were the valedictorian and salutatorian medals to Amber Nuxoll and Jacob Uhlenkott, respectively.  Medals were then awarded to all the seniors for the different extracurricular events each participated in.  Mr. Wren also included scholarship totals for this graduating class.  The total number of dollars given to this class in scholarships was $106,955.  Of this amount, $95,460 is renewable if the students keep their grades up.  The final three awards are given out annually, decided upon by the junior and senior classes and some of the teachers who’ve had them in Salutatorian Jacob Uhlenkottclasses during their high school years.  The first one is the Congeniality Award.  This award is for the senior who always displays a positive attitude no matter the situation.  The recipient this year was Jacquie Lustig.  The second award is the Patriot Award.  This is awarded to the senior who shows the most hard work and determination even if not at the top of the class.  He or she is also noticed for his or her willingness to pitch in and help out in many ways.  Alyssa Frei was the winner here.  Our final award is the Excelsior Award given to that senior who displays the best balance of character in all four areas of formation.  This student is exemplary as to what we like to see in a Summit Academy graduate.  This year the award was given to Cori Wemhoff.  
The ceremony concluded with the commencement address given by Elizabeth Hickson.  Her advice to the seniors was to rely a lot upon the virtue of hope, spreading this virtue to others so that faith and love will grow from this hope.  She continued to tell them to not let fear get in the way of their actions, after all, God is with them at every moment to help them.  He needs their hands, feet, words, and actions.  They need to always remember to “Be not afraid.”  Mr. Wren and Mrs. Wemhoff then gave out the diplomas, certified the class as one meeting all of the academic requirements of the state and Summit Academy, and congratulated them on all their hard work and effort during all their years here.  Fr. Meinrad gave a closing prayer and the recessional began.Commencement speaker Elizabeth Hixson.
Following the ceremony was a dinner, a senior slideshow, and a dance.  Fun was had by all!  We will miss our outgoing seniors but wish them the best of luck in their futures.  We will be praying for each and every one of them as they go out into the world to make a difference.  God bless you all!
Summit grads awarded huge scholarships
Summit Academy held their commencement ceremonies with 7 students receiving diplomas Friday, June 1.
This was Summit’s third graduating class and their largest yet.
Receiving special awards were Jacquie Lustig, Congeniality; Alyssa Frei, Patriot and Cori Wemhoff, Excelsior.
Before starting his salutatory speech, Jacob Uhlenkott turned the podium over to Cori Wemhoff and Lustig, who gave a special honor to Roger and Annette Wemhoff for providing the spark to get the school started.
Amber Nuxoll leads in the class at the start of graduation.After the speeches by Uhlenkott and valedictorian Amber Nuxoll and musical selections from Lustig and Uhlenkott, the commencement speaker, Miss Elizabeth Hixson of New York, was introduced. She is a lay missionary and crisis pregnancy center counselor and related several stories of how she and her fellow missionaries have been able to provide hope to those who really need it.
Following is a list of scholarships and awards that the class members have been offered:
Alyssa Frei – University of Montana, Western Undergraduate Exchange, $7,500 renewable; Eastern Washington University, no amount given; University of North Dakota Rising Scholar, $250; VFW “Voice of Democracy”, $75.
Jacqueline Lustig – Ave Maria University Citizenship Scholarship, $7,595 renewable; UI Alumni Association, $100; UI Grace V. Nixon English Scholarship, $1,500; UI Robert Lee Promise, $500; Gonzaga University Dussault Scholarship, $16,000; LCSC Presidential, $500 renewable; Idaho County Light & Power Youth Scholarship, $500; Idaho Cooperative Utilities Association Youth Scholarship, $500; VFW “Voice of Democracy”, $700; American Legion Auxiliary Girls State Delegate; National Rural Electric Youth Tour Delegate.Roger and Annette Wemhoff were honored by the class.
Amber Nuxoll – Carroll College Presidential Award, $10,000 renewable; LSCS Presidential, $500 renewable; LCSC Freshman Scholarship, $250; St. Joseph’s College of Maine Presidential Scholarship, $12,000 renewable; University of Dallas Aspiring Scholars Award Program, $4,000 renewable; University of Dallas Presidential Merit Scholarship, $8500 renewable; UI Leadership, $1,000 renewable; University of Portland Archbishop Christie Scholarship, $16,000 renewable.
Alexa Prigge – LCSC Idaho Promise, $500 renewable; LCSC Foundation Scholarship, $2,500 renewable; VFW “Voice of Democracy,” $100.
Emily Rehder – LSCS Idaho Promise, $500 renewable; LCSC Foundation Scholarship, $2,500 renewable; Roy and Leona Nelson Scholarship; Cory Wish Scholarship; Daughters of the American Revolution, $50.
Jacob Uhlenkott – Franciscan University of Steubenville, $3,000 renewable; Naval Academy Nomination by Sen. Larry E. Craig and Sen. Mike Crapo.
Cori Wemhoff – Ave Mara University Citizenship Scholarship, $7,865 renewable; St. Joseph’s College, $11,000 renewable; Idaho County Light & Power Youth Scholarship, $500; Idaho Consumer Owned Utilities Association, $500.

Family Picnic Fun
Thursday, May 31, Summit Academy families, staff, and student body gathered at the Lion’s Park in Grangeville to celebrate the year’s end with a picnic and day filled with fun.  
The sunshine cooperated well with the activities of the day.  The playground, water balloons, basketball, softball, T-ball were some of the activities enjoyed by all.  Playing in the creek was even discovered by some of the students.  The adults joined in when they could!!  A potluck lunch was shared by everyone and lots of visiting and laughing followed.  It was a great day filled with good memories.

Students receive Presidential Fitness awards
About 80 Summit Patriots recently took to the gym and the track, in their annual effort to qualify for the nation-wide Summit’s Presidential Fitness award winners. Back from left are Rachel Uhlenkott, Rachel Wemhoff and Tanna Schlader. Front from left are Nicole Wemhoff, Sarah Chmelik and Angela tests sponsored by the administration.
Competing in the mile run, pull ups, sit ups, a shuttle run, and a flexibility stretch, 31 of the competitors scored high enough on national standards to be awarded the National Award. The national award, as well as the more demanding presidential award sets minimum requirements for each of the five events, and an athlete must meet those standards in all five events to qualify for the award.
In addition to the 31 national winners, six girls from Summit managed to equal or exceed the more demanding presidential requirements, thus earning the coveted Presidential Award. They were Sarah Chmelik, Rachel Uhlenkott, Tanna Schlader, and sisters Rachel, Nicole, and Angela Wemhoff. Several other Summit students missed either the national or the presidential award by missing one event only, the flexibility test itself keeping several students off one or the other of the two awards. That event required that the competitor, sitting flat on the floor with legs straight, be able to reach a minimum distance beyond their feet, beyond six inches for the two events. A second event taking its toll on aspirants was the shuttle run, in which the athlete had to sprint back and forth four times over a 30-meter distance, picking up and dropping a baton at the end of each sprint each time.
Summit has participated in the national fitness challenge for the past several years, in keeping with the physical fitness goal, which is one of the four areas a Summit education emphasizes, the other three areas being academic, spiritual and apostolic.

Summit announces perfect attendance
Surviving a tough year of sickness and other distractions, four Summit Academy students managed to make it to school every day of the year this past year, earning the school's only year-long perfect attendance awards. 
The students were Michael Hattrup, Savannah Kuther, William Schlader, and Courtney Schwartz.
The four were joined by dozens of other students who had perfect records for one or more quarters, but they were the only ones able to make that distinction last through the entire school year.
Achieving perfect attendance at Summit Academy this year from left were William Schlader, Courtney Schwartz, Savannah Kuther and Michael Hattrup.

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