Summer projects are approved
After discussion of estimated costs the school board approved several summer projects at the June meeting of the board Wednesday, June 13.
Projects approved at the Elementary School were carpeting and tile for 4 classrooms, plus the kindergarten and copier hallways at a total cost of just over $18,000; New urinals in the bathrooms at a cost of about $4,600 and new sinks in the classrooms at a cost of about $6800.
Projects approved at the Middle School were demolition of the playground asphalt and replacing it with concrete at a total cost of about $8500; hooking up the water fountain at the baseball field to city water at a cost of $500 and replacing sprinkler heads at a cost of about $1600 with labor donated.
At the high school new carpeting for Mrs. Daly’s room was approved.
Several other minor maintenance items were also approved.
Funding for all of these projects was available in the plant facilities and maintenance funds.
Outgoing high school principal Dave Snodgrass put in a pitch for new gym lighting stating many of the current fixtures are very noisy and each year it seems like another one gets that way.
The budget hearing was held and the budget for the 2007-08 school year was approved.
Board member Gus Hoene asked if the Craig-Wyden money was put into the budget. Treasurer Denise Uhlenkott said that it had been put into the plant facilities budget. As yet none of that money has been earmarked for plant facilities projects. Hoene wanted to make sure we’re upfront about that money. It’s likely it will be put towards potential replacement of the heating system at either the high school or elementary school as those boilers are showing their age and are more and more difficult to find replacement parts.
School psychologist Bob Smith’s contract was reviewed and approved with a change to drop the mileage designation as board members feared it would set a precedent for other district employees who live outside the district.
David Shears was approved for hire as the new elementary school janitor. He will also be doing some bus driving.
After executive session discussion, extracurricular assignments were approved. 
The primary executive session discussion led to a motion made by Hoene once the board resumed open session. Hoene moved that the Board not reissue a supplemental contract to coach boy’s high school basketball to Jerry Uhling for the 2007-2008 school year and that the reason for this decision is that Mr. Uhling’s services are not required due to his demonstrated lack of respect for players; that another letter be sent to Mr. Uhling per his IEA representatives request, informing him of this decision and of his right to request an informal review pursuant to statute.   It was noted that this issue has been discussed in many hours of deliberation in executive session on more than one occasion and it is time to make the final decision on this matter.  
The motion was seconded by Kellie Bruner and passed unanimously by the board.
Appointments are as follows: Athletic director-Travis Mader and Todd Shumway; boys basketball JV coach-Kevin Chaffee; girls basketball head coach-Steve Wilson; girls basketball C coach-Dustin Behler; Football-head coach Travis Mader, assistants Ryan Hasselstrom and Ron Sigler; track-head coach Hasselstrom, assistant Ethan Remacle; baseball-head coach Pat Holthaus; softball-head coach Mader, assistant Wilson; volleyball-head coach Jeff Martin, JV-Vikki Riener, C-Marlene Forsmann; wrestling-head coach Steve Lamont, assistant Dan Altman; band and choir-Wendy Stauffer; youth choir-Laurie Karel; yearbook-Hasselstrom; dance team-Shelli Schumacher; cheer squad-Cheri Holthaus; Knowledge Bowl-Theresa Carter; senior class advisor-Carter; junior class advisors-Sarah Remacle and Colleen Sonnen; Industrial Technology and Ind. Tech travel for materials-Jerry Richardson; BPA-Hasselstrom; Prairie League-Colleen Sonnen, Cara Duman.
The boys head basketball and girls JV basketball positions will be advertised.
At the Middle School appointments were: athletic director-Rene’ Forsmann; 8th grade girls basketball-Wilson; 8th grade boys basketball-Hasselstrom; 7th grade boys-Martin; Jr. High football-head coach Kenny Mader, assistant Paul Schmidt; Jr. High Knowledge Bowl-Vikki Riener; Jr. High Track-head coach Andrea Brannan, assistant, Riener; Jr. High Volleyball-head coach Riener, assistant Marlene Forsmann; Jr. High wrestling-only if enough turn out.
The 7th grade girls basketball position is being advertised.
Drug free coordinators are Bruce Nuxoll at the high school, Colleen Sonnen at the middle school and Laurie Karel at the elementary school. Sonnen is also the program coordinator.
In other business Snodgrass talked about drug testing. He said Lapwai has a test for alcohol and handed out copies of their drug testing policy. He said he has discussed the matter with new principal Todd Shumway, who has some ideas of his own. Snodgrass stated “if you can envision it, it will happen” and that this is something that needs some careful consideration. Board members had some questions about the procedures and testing and Snodgrass said he would check with Lapwai’s athletic director on those things.
The technology position was discussed. Ryan Hasselstrom will work at the high school and with the servers. Greg Deiss will do the same at the elementary school and they don’t really have anyone on staff at the middle school. Any major problems they might have to contract with a private party to get it fixed. The servers are the major concern because if they go down for any amount of time it affects the grading, attendance and lunch program.
In administrative reports Deiss reported they are looking at about 19 coming in for Kindergarten which is up a few from what they were expecting earlier. Overall the enrollment looks to be down about 10 for next fall.
The fourth graders participated in the rendezvous at the fairgrounds on June 4 and then visited the Middle School on June 5.
Rene’ Forsmann reported that Missoula Children’s Theatre will be here from March 3-7 next spring.
She also reported that Tandy Savage attended the ISAT validation where they tried to get cut scores on the new testing. They should be getting results back on June 20.
July 9-13 they should be doing the gym floors.
Snodgrass reported he has been talking by phone with the new principal on policy, the teachers and the student handbook.
He reported that the Idaho Distance Learning Academy took the place of summer school this year as just a few students were interested in summer school.
Stan Kress reported he has been busy doing reports, trying to get all those done that have a June 30 deadline.
He also reported that Bob Huntley has filed in District Court on the ISEEO lawsuit. Kress handed out copies of the brief that was filed. Kress and Genesee superintendent David Neumann along with the Idaho Schools for Equal Educational Oppurtunity (ISEEO) are named as plaintiffs and the Idaho Supreme Court are named as defendants because they ruled in favor of the ISEEO and then declined to make sure the legislature followed through with it.
A request for extra vacation for year-round full-time employees with 20 years of service was tabled to the next meeting.
The next meeting of the board will be Monday, July 16 at 7 p.m. This will also be the annual meeting.

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